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DIY Wednesday: All-White Bouquet
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By Brittni Mehlhoff

Accent colorful bridesmaid dresses with all-white bouquets, for a high-contrast statement that really pops. Using just two types of flowers and one filler, you can create a gorgeous monochromatic bouquet that any bridesmaid, or bride for that matter, will love.

You will Need: anemones • ranunculus • veronica white flowers (filler) • 2 feet of ribbon • floral wire • scissors

Step One. Start by removing excess leaves from all the stems. Then, choose a couple of larger flowers and criss cross the stems underneath the blooms. A couple of anemones and one ranunculu is a good start. Keep in mind that the first few flowers you start with will be in the center of your finished bouquet. So choose good ones because they will be the focal point.

Step Two. Add  a few veronica white flowers next, balanced on opposite sides of the bouquet.  Make them slightly higher than the height of the rest of the bouquet, so they can peek out the top.

Step Three. Once you have that first little bundle of flowers in hand, begin surrounding it with additional ranunculus and anemones. Work all the way around the bouquet to create a balanced look.

Step Four. Finish things off with a few flowers that have a natural curve in the stem to fill in any holes and complete the rounded shape.

Step Five. Next, holding the stems with both hands, one hand at the top close to the flowers and the other toward the bottom of the stems, have a friend wrap floral wire around the stems several times as close to the top as possible. Holding the bouquet with both hands will help ensure that the flowers don’t move around while the wire is being wrapped around the stems.

Step Six. Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon approximately two feet long and wrap it around the stems a few inches below the floral wire to keep the stems in place and add a decorative element. Then, cut stems at the bottom of the bouquet so they are all the same length. Place in a few inches of water until heading out to the ceremony.

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DIY Wednesday: Springtime Boutonnieres
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By: Brittni Mehlhoff

Make cheerful boutonnieres in a pinch with beautiful, in-season blooms that will add a pleasant pop of color to your groom’s suit. These pretties are perfect for spring.

Supplies:  washi tape • scissors • ranunculus • yellow acacia • variegated kale

Step One • Trim one leaf from a variegated kale stem to use as the base for your boutonniere. Set the kale leaf down on a flat surface and add two sprigs of acacia on top, lining up the bottom of the stems with the kale.

Step Two • Next, trim one stem of budding ranunculus, making sure the stem is no more than four or five inches long. Then, nestle the in-season bloom on top of the acacia and kale.

Step Three • Using your fingers, wrap the kale leaf around the ranunculus so that the flowers look like they are being cradled by the leaf.

Step Four • Wrap decorative washi tape around the stems of the finished boutonniere, starting at the top of the stem base.  Leave one inch of the stems showing at the bottom, uncovered by tape. Add a straight pin. Fill a short glass with a little water to keep the boutonnieres fresh until the wedding (depending on the flowers you use, they should stay fresh this way for up to two days).

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DIY Wednesday: Make a Hand-Tied Bridesmaid Bouquet
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By: Chelsea Fuss

Here’s a blast of color to brighten your fall day! Consider making your own bridesmaid bouquets with the help of friends and family! Here’s our floral recipe and DIY instructions, including those to make a clever waterproof travel pack so the bouquets can stay fresh.

Materials:                                                                   Flower Recipe:
scissors                                                                      10 Stems of Variegated Greens like Boxwood or Myrtle
clippers                                                                       5 Stems of lilac or other filler (butterfly bush or privet)
ribbon                                                                         5 Stems of sweet pea
twine                                                                           5 Stems of anemone (roses, daisies or mums work too)
vase                                                                            5 Stems of ranunculus
freezer paper or heavy duty celophane

How to Make the Bouquet
1. Clean off the leaves from the bottom half of the stems.
2. Soak the flowers in water overnight or at least for a few hours before making your bouquet.
3. When ready to make your bouquet, take a few stems of lilac and greens in one hand.
5. Slowly add additional flowers, turning the bouquet each time you do. This will make the stems spiral and your bouquet should be able to stand when you are finished and the stems are clipped.
6. Add in more delicate flowers like the anemone and sweet pea, last.
7. Be sure to add some taller stems poking out above the rest, to make the bouquet look natural.
8. Tie with twine.
9. Cut the stems all the same length.
10. Cover the twine with ribbon.

How to Make a Travel Pack:
1. Cut a square of freezer paper or heavy duty cellophone, about twice as big as your bouquet.
2. We scalloped the edges with a scalloped edge ruler and an X-acto knife but this is optional.
3. Place your bouquet pointed toward a corner of the wrapping.
4. Gather the edges around the center of the bouquet and tie with string. (It may be helpful to have another person here).
5. Hold the wrapped bouquet upright underneath a faucet and let the water run into the bottom of the package.
6. It is helpful to have a bag or box to transport the wrapped bouquet in.

If you’ve found your inner florist, and you’re itching for more, check out these other bouquet tutorials!

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Photos and Project Styling by Chelsea Fuss

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Charming Southern Brunch by The Nichols
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Kristin and John‘s Austin wedding was chock-full of charm and inspiration…  We’re so delighted to share their day with you!  The noontime ceremony and brunch reception were photographed by our favorite Austin-based photography duo, The Nichols.  The couple wed at the Barr Mansion, an exquisite organic event venue on acres of lush green property.  Kristin looked fresh and stunning in a Paloma Blanca ballgown, while the bridesmaids wore violet dresses by J. Crew.  All carried beautiful pink peony bouquets…  We love the way their berry and violet-hued wedding emblem design tied together the color palette and gave that hint of Southern charm. 

A warm rainbow of ranunculus gave life to the reception tables inside the Artisan Ballroom, a rustic building with floor to ceiling windows.  Guests were treated to a classic cake, a strawberry torte, and mini herb garden favors.   A sweet congratulations to Kristin and John!  You can see more from their wedding in our gallery!

Photographs by The Nichols

Venue and Cakes: Barr Mansion

Bridal Gown by Paloma Blanca

Bridesmaid’s Dresses by J. Crew

Band: The Lost Pines

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