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DIY Wednesday: Chinese Yo-Yos
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Project by Victoria Hudgins, Photos by Pictilio

If your wedding venue is like many – throwing confetti or rice will not be an option. Don’t deprive yourself of a colorful goodbye. Make these simple Chinese yo-yos and be bid farewell in style. They are quick to make and can be styled to match your day perfectly.

Step One. You will need thin, long receipt paper to make the yo-yos. Enough paper to make yo-yos for over 100 people can be found right here.

Step Two. Print a design onto the paper with an inkjet printer; stripes, florals, monograms etc!

Step Three. Cut the paper down to 16 inch sections. Each flag will be 16 inches long.

Step Four.  Roll each section around a wooden kitchen skewer. Secure with tape or glue at the base and finish off  with a pretty piece of tape.

Step Five. Set out for guests to unravel and wave as they send you off!

Project Design by Victoria Hudgins; Photos by Pictilio

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