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Lindsay + Nick: A Fun NYC Park Wedding by Levi Stolove
Posted by Sarah Zlotnick. Filed under Real Weddings

Lindsay and Nick’s early spring nuptials sum up everything we love about the surprises of personalized weddings. At first glance, the pretty pastel ceremony seems to be set in a secluded forest somewhere, but it’s actually in Upper West Side New York City! The duo married amongst family, friends, and tall trees at Fort Tryon Park, then followed up with a lively reception on the outdoor patio at the park’s New Leaf restaurant.  They splurged on excellent photography and their dream venue (smart choices in our book) and kept the rest of the wedding costs at a minimum by enlisting guests to help with everything from the desserts to the reception music. Special thanks to Levi Stolove for sharing these wonderfully airy photos with us!

Lindsay and Nick first bonded over early morning lesson planning at the school where they both worked—he taught math and she taught English. After years of dating, they married in the park right across the street from that school! “The ceremony went by very quickly, but felt sweet and personal,” remembers the bride. “We were lucky that the Linden trees [in the park] bloomed a bit early.”

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DIY Wednesday: May Day Seed Bombs
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself, Favors

By: Danyelle Mathews

Happy May Day!  If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, eco-friendly wedding favor, you’ll be smitten with the idea of seed bombs. Seed bombs are an easy way to grow vegetation without having to till the land.  Bonus: they just so happen to be the perfect size to give to your wedding guests! These little cuties are also very simple to make and would be a great, get-your-hands-dirty project for you and your fiancé to tackle together.

Supplies: compost • water • wildflower seeds (native to your area) • clay (powdered-found at art supply stores) • fabric •  twine •  tag •  scissors • water • bowl or pail

Step One • To make seed bombs, you’ll be combining 1 part seeds, 3 parts compost and 5 parts clay. This step can be messy so you might want to do it outdoors. Begin by mixing the seeds and the compost. Once the seeds and compost are combined, add the clay. Next, slowly add water until the mixture is moist and holds the shape of a ball.

Step Two • Form 1 1/2 inch spheres out of the mixture.

Step Three • Allow the seed bombs to dry in the sun.

Step Four • Once they’re dry, gather fabric, twine, scissors and a tag to package them up.

Step Five • Place a seed bomb in the center of a fabric circle and secure with twine.

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DIY Wednesday: All-White Bouquet
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself, Flowers

By Brittni Mehlhoff

Accent colorful bridesmaid dresses with all-white bouquets, for a high-contrast statement that really pops. Using just two types of flowers and one filler, you can create a gorgeous monochromatic bouquet that any bridesmaid, or bride for that matter, will love.

You will Need: anemones • ranunculus • veronica white flowers (filler) • 2 feet of ribbon • floral wire • scissors

Step One. Start by removing excess leaves from all the stems. Then, choose a couple of larger flowers and criss cross the stems underneath the blooms. A couple of anemones and one ranunculu is a good start. Keep in mind that the first few flowers you start with will be in the center of your finished bouquet. So choose good ones because they will be the focal point.

Step Two. Add  a few veronica white flowers next, balanced on opposite sides of the bouquet.  Make them slightly higher than the height of the rest of the bouquet, so they can peek out the top.

Step Three. Once you have that first little bundle of flowers in hand, begin surrounding it with additional ranunculus and anemones. Work all the way around the bouquet to create a balanced look.

Step Four. Finish things off with a few flowers that have a natural curve in the stem to fill in any holes and complete the rounded shape.

Step Five. Next, holding the stems with both hands, one hand at the top close to the flowers and the other toward the bottom of the stems, have a friend wrap floral wire around the stems several times as close to the top as possible. Holding the bouquet with both hands will help ensure that the flowers don’t move around while the wire is being wrapped around the stems.

Step Six. Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon approximately two feet long and wrap it around the stems a few inches below the floral wire to keep the stems in place and add a decorative element. Then, cut stems at the bottom of the bouquet so they are all the same length. Place in a few inches of water until heading out to the ceremony.

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DIY Wednesday: Our Latest + Greatest
Posted by Kate. Filed under DIY Wednesday, Do It Yourself

Whew!  We just got done posting four fab DIYs this week and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a one. We’re continuously in awe of our creative contributors… they successfully make expert-looking DIYs totally doable for crafty and not-so-crafty types alike.  Click thru for free templates and tutorials for each of these projects:

no. 1 Modern Monogram Wreaths

Project & Photo by Jennifer Kirk

no. 2 Gold Leaf Striped Tray

Project & Photo by Jennifer Kirk

no. 3 Felt Leaf Garland

Project by A Subtle Revelry; Photo by Pictilio

no. 4 Lush Tulip Centerpiece

Project by Janie Medley; Photo by Marvelous Things Photography

Inspired to go the hand-crafted route? Tell us which projects you’re thinking of trying!


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