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DIY Wednesday: Bright Statement Garland
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Project & Story by Victoria Hudgins; Photos by Erin Holland

Here’s a vibrant and affordable way to add that popular festive flair to your wedding day. Use craft styrofoam balls, paint, a needle, and thread to design a garland- large or small- fitting for a statement piece or to adorn your reception chairs.   These would also look fabulous lining the ceremony aisle!  There are dozens of ways to incorporate this modern motif.

To make this bright statement garland….

Step One. Gather your materials: styrofoam balls in various sizes, 4-6 colors of coordinating paints, a foam board or cardboard box, toothpicks or sewing needles, and a needle and thread.

Step Two. Mix the paints with a tiny bit of water to make them more of a stain than a paint. Dredge each ball into the paint selection, varying colors and sizes as you work.

Step Three. Setting up a drying rack is the most important part!  Poke small sewing needles through a cardboard box or thick foam board. Dry the balls by placing them atop a pin for about 24 hours.

Step Four. Once dry, pull out a needle and thread and connect the balls together to form a long strand.

Step Five. Hang or tie as needed to make a vibrant wedding day statement!

Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins, Photography by Erin Holland

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