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DIY Wednesday: Folded Felt Décor
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By: Victoria Hudgins

Felt is a very inexpensive material that you can use to create warm, textured décor pieces. It’s available in bright colors and can be molded into any shape you like. This heart wreath and set of hanging pomanders are two fun examples!  Here’s the scoop on the DIY technique:

Step One. Cut out equal circles in the colors of your choice. The easiest way to do this is to trace a small bowl with a pencil and cut as you go.  Mixing colors in this type of project can produce a beautiful effect- but be sure to check your combination in small doses before cutting hundreds of circles out!

Step Two. Cut two small slits in the middle of each circle about 1/2 inch apart. These cuts allow you to fold and mold the felt into form.

Step Three. For the heart wreath, use a thin wire to thread the felt together, then you can mold it into shape.  Fold the felt pieces in half, string the wire through the two holes and squish together for a pretty (floral looking) display.

Step Four. To form the pomanders, thread string thru the holes of the half folded felt pieces and pull by the two ends tightly together. This will fluff it into shape. Tie securely and cut one side of the excess string off; hang with the other.

Hang in trees, lining a wall or anywhere that you need a major dose of design for a very affordable price.

Project Design by Victoria Hudgins, Photography by Sam Pierson

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