May 16, 2009


Officially Mr. and Mrs. Davis!!

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The wedding day turned out perfect. That morning I was kind of worried. My doc didn't help much because she called me at 9am to tell me the wind was uncontrollable out there. When we got there it was too windy to set up. We had planned on setting up at 10am but didn't get to until noon. When I left to get hair and makeup done, there was still so much to do. The wind picked up again at three very badly. DOC called me once again to ruin my hope lol. At 4:55 the wind just stopped. DOC called and said its time and it was all perfect from that point on.

Walking down the aisle my dad was more nervous than I was. He kept saying he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. We talked to each other the whole way down the aisle, it really helped calm our nerves. When I hit the aisle runner and the guitar solo started playing, the tears came. It was so perfect, this is when I realized everyone was there for me. My dad said "All these people are here for you baby girl." and he started crying too.

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I love your hair duo you looked so pretty! Congrats!!!

u looked gr8!!! loved ure cake!!!!!

Yay! You looked beautiful Mrs. Davis! Congratulations

pretty.  Don't you love the feeling of "my wedding was so perfect"?  I feel this way too.  Looks like all your planning paid off so well.