May 23, 2009


DIY Projects

I love making things.  We did almost everything ourselves for the wedding as we were working with a rather tiny budget and I'm a crafty one.


1.   Parasols to replace bridesmaids bouquets: not so proud of these, but they ran out of

parasols in my wedding colors and I had this cool lace pattern.

DIY Projects photo 1DIY Projects photo 2


2.  "I Do" Shoes:  My inspiration was a picture on Dirty's profile that was done in rhinestones,

but I couldn't find turquoise rhinestones so I used glitter glue instead.

DIY Projects photo 3DIY Projects photo 4


3.  Stamped Napkins: just turquoise and brown napkins that I used gold and brown ink to

stamp our names onto with a personalized stamp we had made.

DIY Projects photo 5DIY Projects photo 6DIY Projects photo 7


4.  Invitations:  I really just came up with the design and had them printed.  The jumping

picture is the front and the other is the inside.  We did have to adjust the date, which turned

out looking better since we added the ribbon you see here.

DIY Projects photo 8DIY Projects photo 9


5.  Guitar Picks with our Faces:  Legendguitarpicks did these for me.  I created the design in

adobe indesign and they printed these for my favors.

DIY Projects photo 10DIY Projects photo 11


6.  Toss Bouquet:  yes.. I used fake flowers (don't judge me).  I'm more a fan of fun colors and

 paper than of smelly flowers, though I do love orchids, wildflowers, and wildflower

 daisies.  I have a field of them, but they wouldn't have survived.

DIY Projects photo 12DIY Projects photo 13DIY Projects photo 14


7.  Programs:  I originally was going to do the fold out fan for a nice tea party addition, but am

a huge procrastinator.  I made these instead. The lace paper is brown paper like on a

roll that I found and it had a lace pattern and was perfect for a tea party so I cut and

printed and ribboned these all up.

DIY Projects photo 15DIY Projects photo 16


8.  Pomanders and Pew Bows:  we wanted to incorporate the flowers into the ceremony decor

when my mom saw one of these in hobby lobby, she said "we need to do this"  despite

the fact we had less that 10 days until the wedding, we made these.

DIY Projects photo 17DIY Projects photo 18


9.  Poofy tulle headpiece veil:  I created this after seeing some neat poof alternatives to the

traditional veil. I'm traditional, but I'm a quirk and this was super "me"!  It's tea dyed

also and has my "something old" which is a brooch from a grandmother or great grandmother.

DIY Projects photo 19DIY Projects photo 20DIY Projects photo 21


10.  Boutonnieres and Corsages:  I loved all the ribbon corsages I saw and wanted to incorporate

it because it looked so fun and whimical.  I settled on this daisy/ribbon duo and loved it.  The bouts

were fabric callalillies that came with about 10 from wal-mart for $1.  I tea dyed them and rolled them

up and used ribbon and pearls for fun color.  I made the flower girl's a wristlet for extra cuteness.

DIY Projects photo 22DIY Projects photo 23DIY Projects photo 24DIY Projects photo 25


11.  Bridal Bouquet:  I loved these colors when I saw these flowers and they kind of influenced

 my colors.  I loved the ribbon work on another bouquet I saw a picture of and used

 what I liked about it for mine.

DIY Projects photo 26DIY Projects photo 27DIY Projects photo 28


12.  Garter:  I was going to make it just from scratch, but the dollar tree had some lace and plain garters so I ripped the bows off and save myself covering elastic completely.  Instead I just embellished this plain lavender one with ruffled turquoise ribbon I found.  I was going to add the sculpey tea beads I made, but didn't have time.

DIY Projects photo 29DIY Projects photo 30DIY Projects photo 31

(2) Comments

Your parasols are amazing! I've never seen any of their like. How did you do them? Just stunning!

very creative with your veil, it turned out nice!!!