Aug 14, 2009


Our rings!

Here's a photo of FI's ring... its made from Tungsten Carbide.  :)

Our rings photo 1

Here's our daughter's ring that will be presented to her during the ring exchange. 

Our rings photo 2

I upgraded my ring original e-ring today (June 13th, 2009).  I originally just had a simple platinum solitaire band.  I took out my diamond & got it placed in the new setting.

White gold, pave halo setting with 50 round diamonds, 2 baguettes & my princess diamond in the center.  I absolutely love it!!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Stock photos of the ring...

Our rings photo 3Our rings photo 4

Our rings photo 5

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That looks exquisite!



That is beautiful!