Jun 26, 2010


~Flowers, Linens, Chairs & Decor~

Update 2/10!  Floral & Table Mock Up!

I had my new floral mock up of my low centerpieces with my new colors and it came out great!  The only thing is that they weren't supposed to put ANY green in it other than the hanging amaranthus but they added green hydrangeas to see if I would like it.  Well it looked nice but I still don't want any green in it so on the wedding day the centerpieces will be all shades of pink with light/dark pink roses and bright pink hydrangeas.  

We also decided that my bouquet will not have any roses in it after all and will only have peonies, tulips and ranunculus!!  I'm super excited!! The BMs will have roses, hydrangeas and pink orchids.

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 1 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 2 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 3


I also took my centerpiece to the linen vendor to see what the table would look like.  We will have Olive/Forest green small pintuck linens on all of the tables inside the reception room (including cake, gift, candy, and sign in table).  We will have Cotton Candy pink (very light!) napkins in Shantung Satin fabric on top of the gold chargers.  The chairs will be gold chiavari with champagne seat covers.  I love the way it looks all together!  

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 4 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 5 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 6


Linens, Chairs & Charger Plates

So in my search for linens I came to realize that I wasn't really loving my original color scheme as much as I thought.  It was hard to find linens that would look right and go well with the color in the reception venue (pale yellow walls).  After visiting many places and not really finding anything that stood out to me, I went to Fusion Linens in the OC and came across these gorgeous olive/forest green mini pintuck linens.  I decided that they looked so great with the gold chiavari chairs that I would change my color scheme to work around them.  So my new color idea is this... the olive/forest green linens, light pink napkins, gold chiavari chairs, pink bridesmaid dresses and all pink florals in various shades.  I think it will look lovely in the pale yellow reception room!!

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 7 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 8



Since we changed our colors (originally pink/fuschia, orange, apple green) we will have a new floral mock up of our centerpieces.  We will still have half manzanita tree and half low urn centerpieces but all of the flowers will be various shades of pink (hot pink/light pink/etc.)  I love love love pink!    I know I definitely want tulips, roses, peonies, ranunculus and probably some pink hydrangeas in the centerpieces for filler, plus anything else the florist thinks would look good. These are some flower ideas I love...

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 9 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 10 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 11Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 12 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 13 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 14 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 15


For my bouquet, I love love love this first one!  But definitely without the orange tulips and roses, pink tulips would be great since tulips are my fave!  I know I definitely want pink tulips, peonies, roses and maybe ranunculus!!

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 16 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 17Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 18


FIRST MOCK UP! This is my floral mock up of my tall manzanita centerpieces...  I really like it except that it needs more pink flowers and less green!  And my low centerpieces will be in dark brown urns (matching the manzanita branch color) and will have the same type of flowers.  

***Edit*** Will post new pics when I have my new floral mockup with my new colors!  But they will be pretty similar just without any green or orange!

Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 19 Flowers Linens Chairs Decor photo 20

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love it!! how u make ur mock up flowers? did u put foam on it?

wow, looove your details! :) gorgeous florals!

I love your colors- great inspiration!

Love these flower colors.