Jun 12, 2010


proposal and BLING!

Danny and I met  in history class freshman year at Shippensburg University.  We've been through a lot, and its made us sooo much stronger!  We're a young, loving couple who always have fun together and keep life simple.  We have been long distance for the entire relationship up to three weeks ago when we finally moved in together.  We've learned to never take each other for granted and enjoy every minute that we have together, because we didn't always have that luxury! I'm the more spastic, always need to be doing something, hyper-active one.  He keeps me grounded, he's so level headed and laid back, but knows how to have a good time :)  We're the perfect match, simple as that!

proposal and BLING photo 1 <-- from freshman year!

The proposal was like a dream. On the beach in florida at sunset with our favorite wine.  He was SO nervous, I thought he was mad at me all day!  He said he planned out this huge speech, even wrote it out a few times!  But as soon as he got down on his knee, it all left and all he could say was "I cant go one more day without my ring on your finger.  Will you marry me, Amanda?"  I cried, and cried, and CRIED and said "OMG I have to call my mom!!"  lol classic.

proposal and BLING photo 2  proposal and BLING photo 3

first picture as an engaged couple. you can't see it (because the picture is small) but there's still a tear on my cheek!  (i cried for at least the following 16 hours...)  Danny proposed with his Grandmother's ring so we could go pick mine out together (he knows I'm very picky ;) ) Since then his grandmother has passed, and I want to get her diamond reset in a necklace to give to Danny's little sister.  I think it's only right that she has it, as she was her only granddaughter.

after a year of searching up and down, we finally custom  designed my perfect, perfect, perfect engagement ring!! here she is, i'm in LOVE:

UPDATE!!!!  3/5  My NEW ring!  Here's the story if ya missed it:

proposal and BLING photo 4 proposal and BLING photo 5proposal and BLING photo 6 <3333

we just got our bands!! there's no pics on the website so this is the best i can do:

proposal and BLING photo 7

danny LOVES his band!  he wanted something a little different, I was very surprised that he picked this one but i love it :)  I can't explain how happy it makes me feel to see him so excited to wear his wedding band.  He's even said (and this is MONUMENTAL) that he wants to wear his ring more than he wants his new crotch rocket.  DAMN!

proposal and BLING photo 8

mines very very skinny and dainty, so its very hard to get a picture of!  it matches my engagement ring band exactly (we actually chose this wedding band as the band for my e-ring when we were designing it, knowing it would be my wedding band)

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my fiance works for Kay!!!!!! (=

ur ring is fantabulous!

oh wow!! your ring looks soo similar to mines!! and your FI's ring looks like my FI's ring but lighter silver color! =)

your ring is sooo pretty!

Gorgeous ring!! I love that style. Perfect! Congrats :)