Jun 24, 2013

Welcome! We wanted our wedding simple, elegant and classic. Everything has been chosen with care and love and we hoped to create a day to remember without distracting from the most important thing: getting finally married to each other. We wanted an overall-look that after 50 years would have been just as timeless and beautiful to look at as today

first things first


Dear Ladies,
I decided to start my biography today and let You share a little bit what is going on in my life.
I was born in Berlin in March 1977. My mum was fond of French names so she called me Nicole.
She really wanted a boy so she tried to put me into little trousers and make me look like a sailor baby.I cried so badly that she stopped immediately. This is when my career as living doll started. :-) No ,seriously, I was a terrible kid. I was always clean, I didn't make noise, I was smarter than my play-partners, especially the boys ,giggle.
My state of perfect kid endured until high-school. Always had the best votes, went to the best schools, and then a man in the neighborhood found me cute. And this is when the trouble started. He tried to ask me out for several months but I was just not interested. In the end he heard somewhere that I had a boyfriend who was living abroad and decided that if he couldn't have me ,no one else should- and Mr nice-guy decided to kidnap me.
This is why for my 18th birthday I was the number one huge picture on the biggest local Berlin magazine because all the world was looking for me. While everybody imagined I could already be dead, I was having a lovely two weeks with Mr Nice , somewhere near the Polish frontier, locked up in a tiny room,being beaten and psychologically tortured. I did not dare to defend cause he was much stronger and evidently crazy.
One nice day he dared to threaten to do something to my parents and in this moment the HULK came out of me. I have bitten him ,I do not tell you how..... got the keys, ran out and escaped.
A few months after they caught Mr Nice and the court condemned him to a looooong nice stay in prison.
The bruises on my body healed ,those on the soul remained. After two years they decided that he had to have one day off from prison in order to slowly reintegrate into society.
He decided not to go back in the evening and this is when I decided , that I had to get away for a while till they put him back in.
This is when I came to Italy and started studying here.
It all went very slow, language problems in the beginning, depression and probs with myself and NO trust in men.
Now after years I am here , ready to graduate from university... and strangely enough I found tadaaaaaaaaaaaa a man I could trust.
It was not at all easy for him to convince me to go out with him.


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I love the part about your mom wanting a boy lol! great bio!

My dear, the best is yet to come. I' m soooo happy all the sadness of your life didn't prevent you to be the wonderful person you are now.

Wow... what a begining...hmm i am sure thankful to God that he got you through that situation and then gave you the best blessing of your life in italy... :)

Wow, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I admire your strength and resiliance. Thank God for protecting you and giving you a way out. I wish you all the best in your new life.