Jun 24, 2013

Welcome! We wanted our wedding simple, elegant and classic. Everything has been chosen with care and love and we hoped to create a day to remember without distracting from the most important thing: getting finally married to each other. We wanted an overall-look that after 50 years would have been just as timeless and beautiful to look at as today

the ceremony

I was born in the city center next to (100m distance) to a beautiful castle.

When  I was four years old my Grandma brought me there to show me the castle and since she had told me that

the princesses once danced there, Naturally I dreamt to do that too. I brought my ballett slippers with me and when we were there I gave my sweetest smile to an oldish guardian who allowed me after much begging to put on my ballett slippers and dance in the big hall all alone for 5 minutes while he and my Grandma waited at the entrance.I was enchanted.When Alex asked me to marry him and I started checking on possible places for the ceremony, I got out that in this very castle is a section where you can get married. I cried my eyes off.This way my Grandma will be even closer in my heart this day...

this is the castle (view from the park side where we will take pictures.

the ceremony photo 1         the ceremony photo 2

the ceremony photo 3         the ceremony photo 4.


the ceremony photo 5 .       the ceremony photo 6.

they have so many diffierent flowers that there are hundrets of butterflies


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What an amazing story. This venue is amazing. I too am getting married in a castle

Oh wow, the venue is beautiful!!

Awww... this is one of the most beautiful stories!! The castle is amazing and your ceremony will be too!!

Castle is just as amazing as the little girl that grew up and will have her ceremony here! I love you Nicole!