Nov 07, 2008


me and my fiance

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Me and my fiance in the W hotel, Seoul, just before his proposal.

Kristin, my darling...
I'll be with you through thick and thin, pleasure and pain, through the good times and the bad times, through health and sickness, through sunshine and stormy weather.
Be your man, your provider and protector
My love for you is wide and vast just like an ocean
I feel greatful for our past
I feel confident for our future
I feel happy for our present moment
I feel perfect when we are together
The dream we have awaiting us I can see as clear, as day
So tonight my love, we are here in your homeland
My love for you, Kristin is endless just like a bottomless cup
So this ring I now present to you signifies our love as endless, which means we will never give up
Kristin will you marry me..?

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oh my gosh that is sooo sweet!!! :)

wow!  that was a GREAT proposal.  :)  so romantic. 


I LOVE europe, too... i just went back to visit.  i've been to italy for a 2 week vacation and totally fell in love with the country.  the people there are so nice.  you can make friends with almost anyone!  i definitely love the smaller villages of spain.  i lived in bilbao.  but my favorite parts of spain are barcelona, besalu, and girona.

i bet you speak a million languages!  i'm jealous.  i only speak 2... and i'm trying to learn french.  hard to find time to do it, though.

congrats on your wedding!