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Long Quyen

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Long Quyen is just about the leading companies from the storage systems market. It's specialised from the design, manufacturing, sale and services of metal racking, automated warehouses as well as other storage solutions. Long Quyen will be the xe day company in. Vietnam. The number one position with the business is according to its use of by far the most advanced technology in the business, as well as on its extensive distribution network in Vietnam and Se Asia.

Long Quyen's manufactures and markets a broad variety of shelving, Racking and materials handling products.

Their core products include:
1. Pallet racking, shelving and integrated systems employed in logistics and warehousing and storage
2. Filing solutions including cabinets, shelving, lockers and mobile storage found in the commercial office sector.

Longquyen industrial business combines order fulfilment and distribution functions with materials handling equipment, including shelving, and complicated software to develop automated systems that increase speed, accuracy, security and suppleness. Our systems deliver the benefits associated with improved productivity and profitability due to the smarter thinking that goes into their design.

Long Quyen's commercial business supplies a variety of manufactured and globally sourced products for every single commercial and specialist storage application. These products are complemented by a selection of services that really help our customers achieve solutions that provide the most beneficial mixture of space utilisation, safety and expense.

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