Jun 06, 2009


Project Weight Loss?

From July 2008 to wedding day, I lost about 70 pounds and am looking to lose about 50 more to get into healthy baby-making territory.  I'll keep some updates here as well!

I've done it with the help of www.sparkpeople.com (I'm kapathy over there as well) and two essentials- diet and exercise. 

Before: June 2008

Project Weight Loss photo 1

November 2008

Project Weight Loss photo 2

May 2009- I can't find a good full length non-pro of wedding day- will update!

Project Weight Loss photo 3

UPDATE: My total weight loss was at 104 pounds before we found out that I was expecting :)  But, since the wedding, I've run a 5k, a 10k and have definitely gotten into even better shape!

 (taken at 10k on September 6, 13 weeks pregnant)

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omg! look at you!! You look amazing! What an accomplishment!!!

Thanks for the congrats, congrats on your wedding and your weight loss, OMG GIRL! Way to go, I wanted to lose a lot of weight before my wedding but I never got the motivation.. I wish I had it. Still wanting to lose a lot of weight. Your photos are beautiful, your wedding was gorgeous. Congratulations again!!

You look GREAT!!!

You look amazing somehow I never saw these pics as many times as I looked at your profile!! I can't get over how awesome you look! You are an inspiration for sure!!! I have lost about 25lbs and would like to lose about 25-30 more before January!!! Keep us posted on how the weightloss is going!!