Oct 06, 2009

Same-sex Jewish DIY wedding. Details and instructions for DIY projects can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/2dBride.

Hello from 2dBride!

2dBride is pronounced "Second Bride."  It refers both to the fact that it was my second marriage that brought me here, and to the fact that ours was a same-sex wedding with two brides.  After the wedding, I have stayed here because my son is now engaged.

Rather than keep a separate bio at each wedding site I belong to, I have just one on Google sites.  Now that I'm married, it has all my recaps, including vendor reviews, instructions for DIY projects, etc.  If you are interested, here are links to the various sections of it.

A video of our wedding is on my bio page, but you will need to friend me to see it. I have also posted photos of my wedding, as you can see at this link.  However, ones in which we are identifiable are visible to friends only.  Feel free to friend me if you want to see my video or the photos of my wedding in which we are identifiable.

My wedding had a lot of DIY in it.  I've posted articles here on PW with instructions for several of them:

I've also got an article that is not exactly DIY, but may be helpful to some, "Getting a Marriage License in Massachusetts."

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Again, you are such a great help to all brides!

Peeing while in a dress is seriously one of the most helpful articles. I always get a kick out of revisiting it.

Congratulations on winning DIY challenge!

so awesome that you share wll this info with us!