Jul 10, 2010


Guest Book Idea

I love the guestbook.  To me, this is a true keepsake of the wedding, much like pictures, but instead of images preserving thoughts- hopes, dreams, good wishes, names.  I would love to have one that could be displayed in a home someday.  A traditional book of course can go on a shelf, but that isn't so much "displayed" as "stored in easy reach".  I love the concept of wishing bowls, but scraps of paper don't strike me as good decor.

The idea I came up with is to purchase large river rocks and paint pens, so the guests can inscribe their greetings on the stones, and the stones can then be stored in a large fishbowl that can be displayed in a cabinet or on a table.  Googling "writing on rocks" I quickly discovered this site.  I can probably get rocks for less money, but it demonstrates that the idea is at least sound!  It also fits our outdoor garden party concept really well.

Fish Bowl Rocks in Vase Painted Rocks

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Lili we did this!  It was a huge hit at our wedding and we have them stored in a vase in our house.  'Slick Writer' pens work really well, FYI.  Check my bio for more info/inspiration if you need it.

My friend did this for her wedding and she put a little note saying that these would be placed in her garden, to remind her of the people, the "stepping stones" who guided their way. I'm sure it was worded better than that... but you get the point!

this is a great idea!