Sep 12, 2009



July 22, 2009

What a totally awesome week!  Started off on Monday with huge plans of finishing the shower arrangements and I got involved on Facebook.  I hooked up with someone who was not only a Sorority Sister, but she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  I haven't seen her for 23 years!  I had invited two other Sorority Sisters that I connected with to dinner on Friday and we just added Nicole, my long lost bridesmaid!  We had a fabulous time!  It was like I saw her yesterday! 

On Saturday Dwight was asked to take part in an Olympic event at the Coliseum commemorating the 25th anniversary of the LA Olympics.  Some very, very famous athletes were there like Mark Spitz, Rafer Johnson, MaryLou Retton, Nadia Comaneci, you name an Old Olympian...they were there.  They introduced all of them individually and many people gave my husband a standing ovation as he was introduced.  After all these years sometimes I forget how amazing he was as an athlete and all that he accomplished, 19 National Championships, 10 world records, 3 Olympic Teams and 2 medals...yeah, we regular people can't relate to the kind of amazing drive, dedication and focus these people have to have.  Quite an impressive group...much before "young bride's" time...but pretty unbelievable!

Okay, "Mommy compliments husband"....duly noted!

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Sunday Morning was the "big" shower!  It was so nice!  Jess got a lot of really beautiful gifts including a lot of Waterford and tons of Nambe.  She got 1/2 of her china and some lovely intimate honeymoon apparel.  Such a lucky girl!  Everything went without a hitch.  Nick and the guys ate in the main dining room of the restaurant.  Nick came into the shower at the end and presented Jess with a bouquet and a balloon that was for a baby shower!  They both had 50 of us women goin' for awhile.  My son saw it and announced that he had to go home to take a shower because, I'm quoting him now, "I cr@pped my pants!"  LOL  Wow...what nobody realized is that I about "cr@pped" mine too!!!  OMG!!!! Not so funny!!!

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August 6, 2009

As the wedding approaches, things are getting crazy.  Lots and lots of loose end to tie up and events to attend.  Jess had her second shower given by her bridesmaids.  It was really lovely.  There were about 20 people it was both guys and girls.

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Again, loads of nice gifts and a ton of love and friendship!

On Tuesday I attended another wedding. Dirty and Nolan finally tied the knot at Zucca Ristorante in Downtown LA.  Again, great meeting a lot of PW gals...Oh, Mommy so cried during the vows!

Jess, Nick and I met with the Rabbi.  She got permission to "Rock down the Aisle" as a Recessional.  She's excited about that.  Then last night we met with DJ.  My time line, the all consuming, terrifying timeline, is now complete...Well, almost.  Just a few details needs to come together.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck...I'm getting excited!!!


August 10th

Another big week for my husband.  He threw out the first pitch for the Dodgers on Friday Night.  The kids were much too young to know their Dad as an athlete.  Yes, they've both been to the Olympic Games, but not to see their Dad compete.  I think that they saw him jump only once that they remember.  It was back in NY at Madison Square Garden.  But pretty much that's it.  They know that he's on television a lot, and they don't much care and don't really watch him...he's their dad, it's what he does.  But they LOVED going to Dodger Stadium, being led through the bowels of the stadium onto the field.  Standing on the field and watching their Dad.  My son liked watching the game as did Nick.  I liked eating the free food in clubhouse and chatting on PW during the game.  It was really fun and a total departure from wedding plans.  Thanks to the PW girls who shared in the excitement with me!

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As I posted in thread just today, with 33 days to go...I "think" I have it almost all wrapped up.  The stress is that I can't find much to do.  I feel like I must be missing something huge!  I just can't figure out what it is.  I have to send out the rehearsal dinner invitations and I have to contact the rude invitees who did not send in the rsvp's.  I will need to do the table assignments, print the velum for the votives (in lieu of escort cards).  I still need to have a big pow wow with my DOC, Marina...who has been great, BTW.  That's about it.

I'm so glad that I have such a long written record of the planning of this wedding.  I actually read the whole thing.  Man, I can be pretty direct, huh?  It took me like an hour to read the whole damn thing...but I did it!  It's funny how I've heard from so many ladies after they've read it.  Who would take the time??? LOL...But I mostly did this for me.

I've been on facebook for a few weeks and I've been contacted by a load of old high school friends.  I'm heading up the committee to plan my 40th, yes, 40th High School Reunion starting just after the wedding.

One last thing.  I was moved by two threads this week.  One was LynneeaAlicia and the other was HolyMolyMatrimony.  Lynneea was being a supportive friend to a girl who had triplets.  One had already been lost and another was not doing well.  I was moved to tears just feeling the pain of the whole situation.  And then the happy tears.  HMM had her baby boy!  I wrote to her and said "don't goes quickly...he'll soon be walking down the aisle like my baby."  I just can't believe that it's almost here.  Every time I think about it I get very emotional!


June 16, 2009

I think that I'll start at the end.  I was up with my daughter's FMIL finishing up most of our DIY's that are still left to do.  Before everyone arrived yesterday I designed the labels for the OOT baskets.  I'm very happy with the way they turned out. 

Jess and Nick showed up first and Nick went to sleep on the sofa (as usual) and Jess and I went to Walmart.  Yes, the Princess went into Walmart for only the second time in her life.  It just amazes me how she has no problem going to Walmart when she's paying for it!  LOL!!!  We purchased the "rest" of what will go into the FG's and RB gift baskets and we purchased Pocket trays to lay on their chairs at the reception with activities in them.  We had to fill those up.  We walked out of Walmart and it looked like freakin' Christmas!

We headed over to Joanne's and found callalillies on Sale for really cheap which we needed for the rehearsal dinner!  I bought pens for the wish cards.

We came home and dove in!!!!  We finished wrapping 10 BM baskets, 9 GM gifts, 2 FG gifts, 2 Jr. BM gifts, RB gifts.  Then we proceeded to wrap 200 little cello bags with Salt Water Taffy.  Although we aren't doing favors (Donation in Lieu), I thought that each place should have a little something sweet.  Then we glued the labels onto the OOT bags.  That was all a lot of work!

On Friday I decided that I needed to set up a "snapfish" account so all of the guests can upload their photos after the wedding.  I had cards made and they were delivered yesterday.  A special Thank You to "em724" who totally helped me with this!  I used her exact words!!!

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On Thursday I went to the Dentist.  I freakin' HATE the dentist and I KNOW that he hates me.  I had a crown on my front tooth for 40...yes 40 years and he is replacing it.  I now have an ugly temporary.  I have another appointment tomorrow.  I don't want to go at all.  I HATE him.  That drilling sound and that smell...are you kiddin' me with cr@p???  Ugh!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow is the color match and fillings.  I want do NOT want to do this!  He's a Barbarian!

On Wednesday Dwight left for Berlin to do the World Championships of Track of Field for NBC.  I'm SOOOOOOOO glad that man is gone.  I'm telling you all...he got out of the car in the "white zone" at the airport, I jumped into that drivers seat and I didn't even turn around to say goodbye.  In fact, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw him standing there with his jaw open I drove away so fast!!!!  Now I can get things finished for the wedding.  Oh, and the house is very clean!  Not that he intentionally makes it dirty...his presence just dirties up the house...wait, know what I mean. 

Last Sunday was my nieces shower.  It was lovely.  My daughter is one of her Maids of Honors and my niece gets married a month after my daughter.  That part is nice.  Here are the 2 Brides and 2 MOH's w/Bride

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Actually...and this is funny...Jess and Rebeccah are Lauren's MOH's and Lauren and Rebeccah are Jessica's Maids Of Honor...So here's all three of them!!!!  Cousins!!!!!

I have confirmations that KristinKay, MrandMrsfink2be and Marinag will be at the wedding.  I'm so thankful I can't even tell you!  How lucky am I?

September 5, 2009

Life is becoming crazy nuts.  Not the wedding...I'm trying to prepare the damn house for company.  Everyplace I look there's wedding cr@p!  Piles and Piles of crap!  There's nothing I can do but clean around the cr@p!  The good news is that everything for the wedding is done!

We got the proofs for the TTD session.  I can't post 'em until I have them in my hand.  The Photographer hasn't sent any too me...only the copywrite proofs...Jeesh!  Hey...he's an "arteest."  Not that paying the man what we paid him wasn't enough...may I make a suggestion...don't let him negotiate his hourly fee.  Someone photographing a wedding should photograph the damn wedding...the hourly stuff is ridiculous!  We're paying him about $8100 so total which includes the video.  But the photographer hasn't been very accomadating at all.  Not on my planet.  At this point, I just want the photos and to be done with it.  He's talented...he's just impossible.  And he's a bit artsy fartsy for my daughter...but whatever!

I'm excited to have met with Marinag, Mitch, her husband, her son...oh and Issac...who's still in her belly.  She's going to do a great job!  I know it.

My husband leaves again tomorrow morning...oh yay!!!  He'll be gone for two days...yay, yay!!! 

Oh, so my became my toof.  The temporary feel out last Friday night and then I lost it!  I was "toofless."  I'm not kidding. isn't open on the weekends so I was holed up in my house looking as if I was product of what happens when first cousins marry.  But I got it replaced on Wednesday.  Hooray.  Lucky thing...could you seen me walking down the aisle in my gown with no front tooth?  LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Well, this will probably be my last blog post until after the wedding.  I'll post non pro pics as soon as I can.



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