Aug 15, 2009



I ordered my bouquet from an ebay seller. It has stargazer lillies, calla lillies, & orchids in it & also a butterfly pin. It's beautiful! Stock photo w/ my actual bouquet beside it.

Flowers photo 1  Flowers photo 2

The bridesmaids will be carrying cream calla bouquets. The jr. bm will carry a calla & orchid bouquet.

Flowers photo 3

Flowers girls will carry orchid flower balls.  **What I received wasn't at all what I wanted but we just made do and left them how they were**

Flowers photo 4

**This is what I received...not a happy bride**  I had to have another florist fix the bouquets the night before the wedding so they actually look better than they were before.

Flowers photo 5 

Mothers corsages will be an orchid & calla.

Attendant corsages will be a single calla.

Bouts will be single calla.

Flowers photo 6

I give the florist an FFF! She didn't make at all what I wanted, some of the flowers had stains on them and weren't even silk. I wish now I would've went back and got all of my money back.

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I love your flowers!

these flowers are gorgeous

Our bouts are the single calla lillies also but in fuschia!