Aug 01, 2009


Wedding day recap

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I'm missing a few details but here is my recap:

We had an intense week of staying up late, waking early, meeting with vendors, finishing up the projects (um, btw, start now if you haven't!  We had to wait since his parents kept trying to change things on us and all these other factors!).  DH had to work up until Fri morning so I was left to do a lot of the work but not without help from a few of his siblings and many nieces and nephews.  One of my bridesmaids flew in 3 days early to help out too.

We had to get up to start getting ready at 4am.  The one bm who flew in early stayed with me in my suite downtown and we both went to sleep around 2am, only to wake again at 3:45.  My hair/make-up girl knocked on our door right at 4am and one of her assistants soon after.  She was supposed to have two come but only one showed up so we were REALLY behind schedule.  Another BM was in the same hotel as me so she came right away as well.  I had the other girls come around 5-5:30am.  One of my jr bridesmaids didn't even get to have her hair curled, just teased and with the added flower clip I bought for all the bridesmaids.

I seriously had the BEST (and oh so beautiful) MOH/bridesmaids around.  My sister (MOH) took my Starbucks order list and went to go get drinks for everyone, including a Mango/Strawberry/Banana shake to get me going (I don't drink coffee and didn't put myself on the list). Her husband went and bought bagels and cream cheese.  I tried to catch a few more winks of sleep but maybe only another half an hour.  They kept reminding me to drink my shake, water, put eye drops in my eyes and had me put a cold compress on my eyes..all the while I was trying to help them with their stuff.  This was met with, "Cat, SIT DOWN." Throughout the day, they made sure I had water (I was still recovering from my cold which had gotten worse from the lack of sleep), that my make-up was in tact and everything!

Since we were missing the 2nd assistant, we were an hour behind schedule. The ceremony was to start at 10:30am, and I was supposed to be at the church at 9:30am to take pictures, put my gown on there (thank God I had the gown with ME though), have our videographer & photographers take pre-wedding photos of the bridal party, but I didn't make it to the church until 10:20!!!  I was fine all morning until it was almost time to go and I was going over my vows (had to memorize) and I started to tear up.  It didn't hit me fully until I had the dress and veil on and was in the elevator with everyone.  I felt like I was going to pass out. lol.  Part of my bridal party went ahead to the church without me and the rest stayed behind to help me into my dress.

My parents were so funny.  I elected to have both mom and dad walk me down the aisle because I wanted my mom to know that she's very special to me as well.  We had the rehearsal the day before and everything, but that morning, my parents were sitting in the pew instead of standing with me to wait to walk me down the aisle.  My bro-in-law had turned over, looked confused and said, "Mom.. aren't you supposed to be back there with Catherine?" My mom said, "really?? I di-int know. Nobawdy tole me!" LOLOL. Um, that's why we had rehearsal the day before. ;)  My parents rushed to the back and greeted me.  I was trying to remain calm but the entire time, my parents kept saying, "remember, when you walk down the aisle, don't smile big. Just grin and look happy."  It kind of upset me because they wouldn't stop saying that and kept lecturing me about it because they felt that I look ugly when I smile :P  So yeah, they wanted to help me out and make sure I look pretty on my wedding day, but gosh darn it all, I'm going to smile if I want to! (and I did :P).  I just blocked them out, asked them nicely to be quiet as we waited our turn, then walked down the aisle beaming at everyone and even saying hi. lol.  It was when I had to hug each of my parents that I started to break down though. *sniffles*

DH and I elected not to see each other before the ceremony.  We adored seeing each other and gazing at each other.  When it came time to exchange our vows, his voice hitched, his eyes got all watery and those did me in.  I had to say my part between small sobs.  My bro-in-law told me his eyes started to water up because of the breezy AC in the church. ;)  There were a few funny things that happened during the reception which made it so much better!  One of his nieces was doing her reading and her bangs kept getting her face.  She kept having to flip it back over and over which was kind of annoying but so hilarious to watch.  Two of his nephews were the altar boys, but they were so nervous that they forgot what they were supposed to do.  When the priest (who happened to be one of DH's 6 brothers) would turn around during the Eucharist part, they weren't there.  You could hear everyone chuckling. It was awesome.

After the ceremony, we had arranged to have Vietnamese sandwiches delivered to the reception venue but they didn't arrive til 2-3 hours later :(  During that time, DH and I along with a few other groomsmen rushed back to my place to grab the stuff for the reception.  We were supposed to deliver them to Kristinkay the evening before but there was a TON of stuff and also, not everything was finished.  Kristin seriously rocked the entire night. She helped with the set-up of our favors, place cards etc; she helped with the changes of the timeline that occurred due to a few mishaps (but I don't think I ever freaked out.. or hope I didn't lol and just went along with the changes) and she even took my timeline away from me because I kept referring to it. LOL.

When I had first arrived to the reception site and walked into the "tent" I was blown away with all the work of the vendors.  The flowers were just GORGEOUS (no surprise since our bouquets were amazing!!), the tables and chair covers so nicely set-up.  We were so happy!!  Everyone raved about the food and said how it was the best food they'd ever tasted and so unique (even his parents friends!!!), they LOVED the venue, they LOVED the photobooth (omg, did they love this LOL) and the entire time, I was running high with adrenaline.  Originally, we were supposed to play a video that DH made and that was going to be our entrance video but it was so bright in the tent that it wasn't going to work out.  We had to wait for it to get darker to show the video.  Also, I have never seen so many people swarm towards the cake table before!

All in all, everyone had such a blast and we heard it throughout the evening as well as today.  We feel so blessed that everything worked out so well and that we were all able to have a TON of fun.  Over and over again, I heard, "Best wedding EVER!!! You guys really know how to throw a wedding!" yay!!  I'm sad the party part is over but am now looking forward to our honeymoon (leaving tomorrow morning!).  After it was all said and done and we finally got to sit down in DH's car, I was utterly exhausted but we still had to go to his parents house for a small gathering before some of his cousins from out of town left the following morning.

Thank you for the love and support that I received here as well!!! (sorry for such a long recap!)

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I'm trying to figure out how to make the file size smaller so I can upload the video :D  Quoc did such a great job, huh :)  I'm very proud of him.  I told him he HAD to do it since he came up with the idea :P  yay :D

haha, loved the recap!! i remember everything!! lol. the vows were so sweet to hear and watch. made me teary-eyed too! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the slideshow, you need to post it!!!!! and the flowers were gorgeous! you and quoc looked so happy! :) we had so much fun dancing too! :)

can't wait for more pictures...<3

I loved reading all your details.  Congratulations!