May 15, 2010


Long story short



Ready.... set... go!



I had to do the "Runaway Bride" pic ;)


Gotta have the shoes ;)                                                  My girls... and bridal party!


     I love this fuzzy pic of our first dance                        My honey is so much fun!








  The cake & the smashing!

This is how we looked by the end of the night!


THE PARTY ROCKED!!!  I've been told by so many people that it was BEST WEDDING they had EVER been to... what a great compliment!


On and on till the break of dawn... literally!

Oh and let's not forget what my husband's vest and tie looked like after dragging my nephew out of the creek at the afterparty ....

 Thankfully they didnt charge us more for the rental!


We had a blast ringing in the New Year (above) 2009/2010 at Jacksonville's Twisted Martini :)   




Our view from the condo balcony, complete with majestic sunsets *sigh*


Breathtaking is the word I would use as I starred out....


La familia... we took my 3 daughters with us!  It was the last time we'd be together on vaca cause oldest leaves for Army in Oct., middle one leaves for NYC to finish school at F.I.T., youngest will be a senior in HS this fall.  My how time flies!   We had a blast!


To the left is the birthday side............................            and to the right is the honeymoon side ;)


Never leave home without my trusty gnome!  Here Rich stands where fresh water meets salt water!


We even got to see a Quicksilver surf contest... woo hoo!


My oh so great girls... they sure are entertaining! *MUAH*


 They were just so happy.... as was I!

  The very happy couple :)


Downtown, only a 10 minute walk                                  ... and could the water get any more beautiful?


Wild monkeys on the beach.....                                      This one flicks me off!  I said they were WILD!


A sand dollar on the black sand beach........                  Here crabby crabby!


Beauty in all its glory!                                                      Oooo Ooooo A SLOTH! YES I said a SLOTH! In the wild!


Red fish... NO BLUE FISH!                                                 Black sand beaches are due to active volcanos




So beautiful we never wanted it to end :(



I live in Gainesville, FL and have been here a record 13 years (that's the longest I've lived anywhere else other than NYC, where I grew up.)  Richard just got a job here...YAY!!! Now comes the real adjustment (living with someone again after being alone for years).  We've known eachother for 33 years!  He was my bf when I was a mere 17 yo, his sister was my BF in HS... To make a long story short, I broke it off with him and we both went on in our lives, married other people and had children with other people.  I had a falling out with his sister and we lost touch.  Many years later I would look for her and we reconnected.  I would catch a glimpse of Rich on my infrequent trips to NYC but we were both married to other people at the time and his ex-wife had him under surveillence whenever I was in town (yes, the beeotch was my rival as teens) so we couldnt even talk to eachother.  He always said I was the one that got away (no wonder she hated me:).  Years later and after we were both divorced we started hanging out as friends - somehow our friendship always remained intact even with those large gaps of time in between.  I resisted for a long time as i was healing from divorce but he hung in there and refused to give up, saying he let me go once but he would never let me go again.  Nine years later here we are and about to get married... LIFE IS SO BIZAARE SOMETIMES! Some tell me he has real 'staying power'... lol.  He IS very persistant when he sets his mind on something, we joke about him being the tree, solidly planted while I'm the butterfly, fluttering around from limb to limb. 


We both have the same demographic, like the same things, same music taste, same sense of humor... AND we both love to salsa dance.  Actually he makes me look good, I just let him swing me around ;)... We both love children.  We never had children together but look forward to grandparenting together.  I have a wonderful granddaughter who was born just days before Rich's birthday... another Taurus!  We are very much like ying and yang... and compliment eachother.  He keeps me grounded and I keep him active!

The pic below to the right was V-Day, the evening Rich proposed... this is the B4 pic... unsuspecting... but no after pic... I guess we were pre-occupied ;)


Our Engagement pics :)





Okay we laugh alot and like to be silly... here's our idea of funny e-pics... LMAO!



  ... and the table turns         

We are almost there.... Pics of the Bachelorette Party!




                         Save the Date                                             



My engagement ring... w/wedding band.                       His wedding band also w/princess cut diamonds.



THE DRESS and to think it only took FOUR!!!  



With my DIY Dyed Sage Crinoline :)


And then the dress I'll change into to dance and have some real fun!


  Shoes, shoes, and more shoes... I bought too many...

  My clutch, w/chain (i like that)

 Hair flower



Letters for Bride and Groom's chairs

 Kissing ball

 THE CAKESTAND I made myself :)

 Aisle decor to hang from shepherd hooks

  Thank you parasol

 Bird cages

Color changing centerpiece for bride/groom table

The display I put together for the tree favors... made of a shadow box (the glass is on the bottom). Then I bought wired twine and made a little fence around it... put a little ivey between the twine and voila!

 Wired twine

 All lined up looking  like a little orchard :)


 Centerpiece for the sign-in table

  This is going to be the sign-in "book" so to speak.  It will be a collage of photos of all the invited guests with either me or my FI in the photo.  I will have it matted so the guests can sign it and afterwards I will have it framed to hang in our house.



This is the actual place where the reception is to be held, the salon (left) and the outdoor courtyard (right) where the ceremony will be held.


It's a historical building from the 1800's here in Gainesville that is a Spanish-styled architecture with beautiful gardens all around.  It's a beautiful place and exactly what I wanted.

  Flower girl dress, I just love the petals in it :)  

Bridesmaids bouquets: Im changing the ribbon


Now what they look like after I changed the ribbon:


Our honeymoon was supposed to be in Greece... after all, it was on my "To Do" list.  Unfortunately my FI got laid off and is looking for employment.  That forced us to change our travel plans... next stop... back to Costa Rica, only this time to Jaco Beach for 10 days. FI promised me Greece next year for the real honeymoon!

 First time in Costa Rica 2006, w/friends.  My MOH to the far left.  This is Tabacon where the natural hot springs are... yeah, we'll go back on this trip :)

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica


Condo located on the beach


  Rich and I at a Linkin Park Concert in Atlanta.    This was taken on a Carnival Salsa Cruise


  On my birthday Dec. '09 in the Dominican Republic


For Rich's birthday we went to St. Thomas this past May

 We are both HUGE GATOR fans - this is us tailgating!



We had fun ringing in 2010 at Jacksonville's Twisted Martini ;)

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Cynthia!!!!  You look absolutely AMAZING in your dress.. You really do!  And your "whole look" is phenomenal!  I cannot wait to see more photos from your big day!  CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

P.S.  LOVE the "running away" pic ;)  I might have to do that! ;)

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