Oct 24, 2009


Rehearsal Dinner!!

So..with much reluctance..I've decided to have the dinner at our home..I was really hoping to have it at this adorable restaurant in downtown Stockton, but since every place in the world is closing it's doors, we decided that this would be the best option.  I will be serving Cioppino and Pasta Gratin, Crusty Bread and good wine..keeping it nice and simple =) We plan on only having about 25 people there so that should be good =)

I'm wearing the dress below:

Rehearsal Dinner photo 1

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Hi YummyJack! Congrats on your wedding! I'm actually planning a wedding in your area - Lodi/Stockton and I was wondering if you had any wedding rehearsal venue recommendations? We're prefer Lodi versus Stockton because our hotel is in Lodi :) But I know Stockton isn't that far. Thanks in advance!!

Congrats again,

Ms. Bella

I actually didn't end up wearing it :( ..I wore a pink Calvin Klien, but, it was fine :)

I love your rd dress! I was looking for something similar!