Jun 12, 2010


Walking down the aisle!!!



It's been such a huge pain in the a$$ to find a church, but I'm glad I decided on this one!  It's St. Joseph's Catholic Church, and it's huge and more modern, exactly what I was going for!

i'll be having poms hanging from the pews, fading from light champagne to a burgundy :)


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The altar will have two monstrous palms on each side, but they'll be on pillars
Walking down the aisle photo 1
I'm actually "growing" my own majesty palms to do the altar arrangements and centerpieces myself!! i've turned into SUCH a DIY bride, geez! ;)

(3) Comments

I love the candles inside the tall glass vases filled with petals... I might do that! It'd take less time than making pomanders. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Your engagement really precious.  You too look like a perfect match together.

Your vision is what I am thinking of myself. Let me know what you end up doing and maybe after your wedding I will buy what you used if you wanted to sell them that is :)