Jun 12, 2010


sweet honeymoon!

danny's INCREDIBLE aunt and uncle are sending us to aruba!!  i'm so unbelievably excited!

sweet honeymoon photo 1  sweet honeymoon photo 2

sweet honeymoon photo 3  now we'll be able to afford horseback riding, and expensive dinners, and parasailing, and everything else we want to do!!



JADS Dive Center:  Scuba Diving!!  Absolute must :)


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Oh my gosh!  We just got back from Aruba and loved it!  I MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET!!!!!!!! I'm sure you'll have tons of fabulous time!!!!!!!!

I am honeymooning in Aruba too!!!  What resort are you staying at?

the horseback riding in aruba is sooo fun.

Just be aware that the guides don't speak awesome english and they also don't care if you're not comfortable running on a horse, because you're going to run on the beach anyway (Which, as a horseback rider I LOVED!)

Go eat at Iguana Joe's on the main street. it's soooo tasty and has traditional aruban food to try.