Aug 21, 2009


E-Pic's 2nd Inning

So, after all the drama with my old photog, I had put an ad on Criagslist to find someone new.  Corey responded with some great photo's from wedding's that he's assisted on.  He's never shot a wedding solo, but we love that we can give someone a chance to build their portfolio.  SO.....I always have loved when people use pics of them as their table numbers, and Corey agreed to meet us downtown to take some casual shots around Comerica Park that we'll use.  Within 2 hours of leaving him, he had emailed me teasers.  I"ll have the rest in about 2 days!  YAY!

E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 1E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 2

And Some more....
E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 3E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 4E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 5E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 6E Pic s 2nd Inning photo 7

(3) Comments

My Fi and I are SUPER JEALOUS! love love love them!

I love your pics!!!! Your soo cute:)

As much as I adore your first session with your ex-photographer :D (especially the sand one), these seem soo much better in quality!!  And relaxed...  Oh I can't wait to see more!!