May 23, 2009


Then comes.....


after you get a fancy ring of course....

for my 18th birthday he was going to take me to eat steak and then we were going to go ring looking dressed up in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" inspired attire.  We got out of the restaurant too late though and didn't get to go looking, but we went back the next week.  I'm not a jewelry person so I had no clue what I liked.  When we went looking I was really drawn to the small marquise cut diamonds on white gold bands.  I finally found one I loved and loved on me and it had little sidestones.  He bought the ring the next week or so and was going to ask my parents' permission.  I wanted to go home that weekend though (I was in college) so I just went with him.  He proposed to me at 6 in the morning the day after he asked them.

                       Then comes photo 1Then comes photo 2           

                                     Then comes photo 3

                                               Then comes photo 4

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