May 23, 2009


Groom's Table

.... and cake.

In the South--I'm from Arkansas--we typically have a table at the wedding reception in the interest of the groom.  My man has often been told that he looks like the celebrity to also happens to be one of his musical role models:  Jack White.  I wanted to highlight his musical tastes since the rest of the wedding was themed more in my preferences.  I made a crappy bass drum (that was shiny ugly orange) into a picture box timeline of his musical endeavers, hanging pictures from guitar strings inside after ripping off the ugly plastic and repainting the entire thing red and black to follow the White Stripes Theme.  I found an inspiration picture for the cakes that had the Groom's name on one of the guitars and the Bride's on the other, appropriate since we both play guitar.  He also is a fan of Jone's Soda so I found some red cans. And decided his top hat would make good decor since it's totally Jack White.

and.. sorry that for some unfortunate reason I can't upload the pro-pics of it so here's some others.

Groom s Table photo 1Groom s Table photo 2Groom s Table photo 3Groom s Table photo 4

(2) Comments

So I just got done looking at your pics (the guys before the wedding) and I thought "wow..he looks like jack white!" I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that! lol. You're wedding was sooo cute and I LOVE your cakes!

Oh it fits him perfectly!!  How cool!!