Jul 24, 2009



On July 24th, 2009 I became a MRS! So hubby and I are back from our honeymoon and I thought I'd post about our happy day. It was the BEST day I could have possibly imagined. The ceremony, the dress, the guests, the pictures, weather, venue, flowers, EVERYTHING was incredible.


  • I wasn't nervous at all - I really thought I would be a basketcase the whole day, especially walking down the aisle. But I was so calm and just very excited to get married. Hubby kept telling me he's never seen me this happy as I was on the wedding day.
  • I loved my dress and didn't want to take it off! You truely do feel like a princess, even for just one day, so ENJOY it!!
  • My incredible MOH, PW member PhoebeOrion, (does anyone know how to link that to her page?) thought of everything and was so on top of whatever needed to be done. Honestly, I'm sure if anyone needs a MOH, she's down for the job ;-) But seriously, she took care of putting things up at the church, taking things down, holding my dress, flowers, telling me to sit up straight in church, remembering my something blue, giving a very sweet and touching toast and rallying the troops whenever needed. 
  • My aunt arranged for a guitar player to come to the church after the ceremony during the receiving line to play "Love, love, love" From Love, Actually - a favorite movie in our family (the scene where the couple gets married and the different band sections start popping up in the church and playing a song). So cool!! 
  • Honeymoon was awesome - a week in Mexico with hubby and a week in Cape May on the Jersery shore with his family and my family. The best!!

THE OKAY (I won't say bad, b/c nothing was really that serious)

  • 4 people were not able to come to the reception as of that morning - 2 cousins, one of their girlfriends and an aunt due to missed flights and health concerns
  • My veil: The day of the rehearal when I picked my dress up, I incorrectly assumed the veil was in the bag with the dress. When I thought about it later (after the dress was already at the hotel and I couldn't check to be sure) I called the bridal shop (30 minutes away) and they told me that no I didn't have my veil today b/c it was picked up a month ago. Ummm?? No....it was not! So my wonderful father in law drove to the bridal shop where they had another one ready.
  • The hotel: small problems, again nothing serious, like them wanting to "throw my wedding dress in the luggage closet until the room was ready" (Um, no thanks I'll wait), guests not having towels, some parking issues
  • The OOT boxes: I spent so long on them and was so excited about them and not one guest even mentioned them! Booooo

Married photo 1 Married photo 2 Married photo 3

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wanting to "throw my wedding dress in the luggage closet until the room was ready" (Um, no thanks I'll wait)


Oh my goodness, my heart nearly stopped reading that! What were they thinking?? Glad you had the good sense to wait, they probably would have gotten a valet cart wheel mark on it or something horrendous.

Your bouquet is beyond gorgeous!