Jan 02, 2010



Heather and Chad Kiley

Chad and Heather met sophomore year in high school. They dated off and on throughout their high school years. Straight out of high school Heather went to college at Columbus State University and Chad decided to go into the military. Heather didn't hear from Chad for a long time and was ready to give up on him when she received a letter from the post office:

"We are sorry to inform you but this letter was found in our machine, please accept our apology on behalf of the United States Postal Service"

Low and behold it was the letter Heather had been waiting for in about 50 small pieces! It had been torn up by the machinery, he had written after all. It took me two hours to put that letter back together and we wrote back and fourth not being able to speak to each other for a long time. Writing turned into phone calls, phone calls turned into visits, visits turned into engagement dinner and so it was...

Chad and I were engaged and I was planning a wedding in October of 2007. Then to my surprise, and disappointment, Chad got called to Iraq. We had to cancel everything and have a court marriage. He was over in Iraq for 13 months and got back in February of 2009. NOW IT' S TIME FOR THE WEDDING! Our date is set for January 2nd, 2010 which is the only date we knew for sure he would be able to do it. Strange date, but that’s okay because everything has been strange for us and I'm sure it will happily continue to be.



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You're married by now!!! Updates please! :-P

Oh my goodness... YOUR WEDDING IS LIKE... IN 4 DAYS!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!  Can't wait to see the pictures! I'm working with a $5000 budget and I hear you're being frugal too, so can't wait to see your pics!!!!

 Awww man, what a great love story.  It's when you read personal stories like these ones that you want to say to all the Heads of States: Can't we all just get along so our sons and daughters don't have to be on the battlefield fighting your wars?  *sigh*

But enough about politics. I wish you both much, much love, laughter, and contentment. And more than half a century of good health!

Great proposal picture!