Oct 24, 2009


wedding details

Our colors are yellow, green and white (All varying shades) with a golf theme (FI is a golf pro).

wedding details photo 1wedding details photo 2wedding details photo 3wedding details photo 4wedding details photo 5wedding details photo 6

The invite:

wedding details photo 7

Out of Town Bags:

We only have a few out of town guests so I decided it would be very nice to provide them with these bags since they will be staying in the hotel for 2 or 3 days.  We're very grateful and thankful that they chose to spend extra money to come and vist us in this economy. 

wedding details photo 8wedding details photo 9


I put the following in the bags:

  • Snack size- Snickers, M&M (plain & peanut), Twix, Skittles, Starburst
  • 2 bags of snack sized chips
  • 1 zip lock bag of mixed nuts
  • 2 bottles of water
  • granola bar
  • snack size cookies
  • snack size pretzels
  • travel size sunscreen
  • golf themed Tervis Tumbler

Flowers & Centerpieces:

The flowers will be yellow roses, white dendrobium orchids, and green cymbidum orchids. 


wedding details photo 10 

                   IN ACTION


wedding details photo 11wedding details photo 12

My flowers


wedding details photo 13

                       IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 14wedding details photo 15wedding details photo 16

Table numbers

                             IDEA:                                           wedding details photo 17

                              IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 18wedding details photo 19wedding details photo 20wedding details photo 21


The placecard holders:    


wedding details photo 22

                                                            IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 23wedding details photo 24

wedding details photo 25wedding details photo 26

Votive candles fo the table:

This was going to be a DIY project, but it just didn't look right so i purchased the Tees and once i get them in i'll update the picture with the finished project.

wedding details photo 27

Yey!!!  The tees came in!!!  Here is my mock-up of the new and improved votives! 


wedding details photo 28

                           IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 29wedding details photo 30

Other Misc. decorations:

                                                                       IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 31wedding details photo 32wedding details photo 33wedding details photo 34wedding details photo 35wedding details photo 36wedding details photo 37

The Cake:

Buttercream icing: one layer was chocolate with vanilla creme, next layer was vanilla with buttercream filling, and the other was chocolate with raspberry filling. 

                                                                IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 38wedding details photo 39wedding details photo 40wedding details photo 41

Our Programs:

This was an after thought and also another DIY project.  It's short, sweet and to the point!  I actually like how simple but classy they came out.

Front & Back

wedding details photo 42wedding details photo 43

Tears of Joy tissues:

I know this isn't the most important thing to do, but I it done by a few other PWers and thought they were a great little touch.  This was so easy and probably cost $5. 

wedding details photo 44


The programs and tear of joy tissues will be displayed in these baskets I fond at Michaels.

wedding details photo 45 

Unity Candle:

I couldn't see spending too much money on this so i made it myself.  I bought the candles & hurricane vases at Micheals.  I think total it cost under $20. I had extra ribbon from the programs and the green paint from the totes. 


wedding details photo 46

                           IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 47wedding details photo 48wedding details photo 49wedding details photo 50

Our Guest Book

I am most proud of this DIY!!!  I made a scrapbook type of guest book with pictures of the two of us growing up, 3 pages for each of us and our families, 5 pages of us with all of our good friends and fun times we've had, then 2 pages devoted to just pictures of us as a couple and the last page has pictures of our dog. The right side pages have the pictures on it and the left were left blank with the header on the page "Notes for the Newlyweds" for people to sign. The best part is, that EVERYONE that will be at the wedding will have a picture in the book!!!

 I used Picaboo and it turned out great!!!!  I will for sure be doing more of these books.

wedding details photo 51wedding details photo 52

Love this page: 

wedding details photo 53


                                                             IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 54wedding details photo 55wedding details photo 56wedding details photo 57

Our toasting flutes:

I got these at  One says "Bride" and the other says "Groom"  Our date is engraved on the back of each.  They are really pretty and I can't wait to use them!

wedding details photo 58

               IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 59wedding details photo 60


My dress:

wedding details photo 61wedding details photo 62

It's from David's Bridle #V9409.  This isn't a great picture because it's not tied properly and there were still pins in it for the alterations but you get the idea. 

                                                       IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 63wedding details photo 64wedding details photo 65


wedding details photo 66wedding details photo 67

For the ceremony- (nine west- i can't remember the name but they were on clearance for $30).

For the reception-  minus the spikes.  8-)

                                                          IN ACTION:

wedding details photo 68wedding details photo 69wedding details photo 70



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