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Vendor Reviews

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  • The State Room (Albany, NY) B+

We had a wonderful experience there...their 2 wedding coordinators, Anjie and Nancy, were wonderful and catered to your every need. Tom, the owner was also great to work with. We had some initial problems when we thought the place was possibly going to be sold, b/c the landlords wanted the venue out so they could turn the building into some motels. We were nervous the building would not there on wedding day! All turned out fine...they don't WANT to move and were not going to get the landlords kick them out.

I was impressed that I was able to drop all of our things off the week of the wedding (favors, place cards, etc.) and Anjie and Nancy took care of setting everything up for us. So many people had told us that it was the best prime rib and chicken they had every had in their lives (I agree!) Everything was made right there, bread was homemade, down to the croutons on the salad.

The reason for the B+, rather than an A+ is that we had trouble with our guest count leading up to the wedding. When we put a deposit down, we never got a contract (and in the excitement of the moment, we forgot to ask - duh!) Turns out when they said "So how many people do you think might be attending?" And we said "Oh, I don't know, 125 or so"  - that 125 became our minimum number and we would be paying for 125 even if we had oh, say 114 like we ended up with! At that point when we gave the 125 number, we hadn't even made up our guest list yet! They worked with us though, we lowered the minimum a little, but we still ended up paying for some people that did not come. Also, we payed 18% gratuity on the final bill (and the chair covers) and then tax on top of that! (Is this typical?)

Regardless, we had a FANTASTIC, beautiful wedding reception there and I'm very glad we chose The State Room


  • Ambiance Florals (Albany, NY) A+

Michal was fantastic to work with and very knowledgeable about his business (whereas I am a flower dummy). At one point, I gave him a picture and price point and just said "I'm giving you control - make it pretty!" HA! Flower centerpieces were beautiful as were the bouquets. Delivery that day was on time and was actually the only way we saved money by having our wedding on a Friday rather than a Saturday! (Delivery of bouquets, set up at the reception and the church was 1/2 the normal cost b/c it was on a Friday). Whenever we met with Ambiance, Michael would give me a long stemmed rose to take home. Sweet guy and wonderful place!


  • Paul Malo (DJ - Clifton Park, NY) A+

Paul came very highly recommended to us by many people, but most importantly, he DJ'ed my BIL and SIL's wedding and we were very impressed ourselves. He was professional, showed up on time, played appropriate songs for dinner, dancing and dealt with all of the difficult pronunciations of our bridal party without butchering a single one :) He was slightly on the pricier end, but absolutely worth the extra money.


  • Today's Limosine (Albany, NY) A+

Again, very professional, showed up on time (even early in some pickups!) and was sooo helpful to us during our time with him. Tony was our driver and was great. He even helped to pickup my train for me while we were walking into the church with the girls and brought my new husband and I cold bottles of water when we were waiting in the church for pictures. He knew where he was going to each pickup/drop off and we enjoyed champange and other drinks in the limo while we were driving.


  • DeAnna's Country Shop (Averil Park, NY) A+/ B-

I first went to DeAnna's to help look for a mother of the groom dress for my SIL and BIL's wedding. When I walked in, I thought "I will get my wedding dress here if I ever get married" - and I did! The only place I looked. You walk into a little shop downstairs, but upstairs is the bridal boutique. The door is locked behind you so you won't be interrupted and it's just a beautiful scene, down to the potporri, couches, windows and music playing in the background. Diane, the owner, was wonderful. She was very knowledgable about dresses, her stock, my price point, what would look good on my body, etc. We picked out a dress in September, I bought it in October and it arrived in March or so? We had fittings in June and July and I also bought my veil there.

I went to pickup my dress the day before, a few hours before the rehearsal dinner. Dianne was not there, but one of her other employees helped me. I put the dress in my car and dropped it off at the hotel and then headed home to get ready. About an hour after I got home, I realized she had never shown me my veil, but I was sure it must have been in the bag with the dress. Not wanting to take a chance, I called the shop and "Nope, you didn't have a veil! Just the dress. My records here show that you purchased a veil on June 26th and picked it up already!" Ummmmm no I did not pick up my veil! Why would I make a trip there to pick up the veil before the dress? And I wanted it steamed of course and not sitting in my closet at home getting wrinkled.

At this point, I didn't really have time to go back there and get another veil that they would steam for me (about an hours drive round trip) and she graciously offered to drop one off at my hotel if I coudln't get there (very out of the way for her). But my wonderful FIL found the time to drive there and get it for me. He made it to the rehearsal dinner on time and my veil was beautiful! So A+ overall for Dianne, the services and the shop, but B-for the little veil snafu, which ended up okay anyways.


  • Keira Lemonis Photography (Troy, NY) TBD

From what we've seen so far, Keira's pictures are going to be fantastic, so I'm not worried at all. And we should be getting them any day now I hope! 4-6 weeks was when they were promised and we're closing in on 4 in the next couple of days. Keira was on time everywhere and very professional. She was more business like than warm and fuzzy friendly, but she was obviously taking her job seriously, trying to get the shots to look great, worried about the lighting, our time schedule, etc. She was not intrusive at the reception, and she didn't constantly ask people to pose. As long as the pictures come out beautiful, then she definitely did her job! Can't wait to see them!


  • The Crowne Plaza, Albany, NY - C+

We didn't have a horrible experience with them, but there were so many little things that did not add up to a warm and fuzzy feeling. Small things like no refrigerator in some rooms, no "alert" to let the front desk know there were OOT baskets to hand out and champagne for the happy couple being delievered to the wrong room...to bigger things like me being charged too much for parking and having the front desk staff blame me because I didn't "tell them I had a car" (didn't know I was supposed to!) to guests not having towels in their rooms, to my mom being charged twice for her room (paid the day they left and then charged again a month later). I wrote a letter to the management and I'm waiting to hear from someone.

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