Oct 10, 2009


Veil and Feather

When I first started planning the wedding I had decided that I did not want a veil. It just wasn't me and I thought it was a waste of money since I would have taken it off once I got to the reception. Once I found my dress I thought a veil might be best with it since we are having a church wedding and my dress didn't seem "dressy" enough for a church wedding. Inspired by kohler's fantastic pictures I went with a cathedral length veil to add some drama at the church and our pictures. I love my veil and can't wait to get some amazing pics with it.

Veil and Feather photo 1 The only picture I have of my veil so far.

After deciding on my veil I thought I'd like to get something fun to put in my hair at the reception once I take the veil off. I ended up looking on Etsy and finding Feathers and Frills. I loved her work and contacted her about doing a piece for me. It hasn't been shipped yet but here are some pictures she has sent me so far.

Veil and Feather photo 2 Veil and Feather photo 3

Veil and Feather photo 4 *Pictures from Feathers and Frills from Etsy

(3) Comments

Oh how fun and cute and unique!! All the things I love so much. This will look SO GREAT on you at your reception!

I have hair flower envy. LOVE this <3!

I absolutely LOVE your flower (I remember seeing it on a post) It's soo unique and flush!!

And I felt the same way about a veil... I did not want one... Now I have 2!! LOL