Sep 18, 2010


The Venue

The Venue photo 1


Our venue is the Lakewatch Inn, Ithaca, NY. It is a renovated barn overlooking Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes Region.  The view of the lake is a stretch because of the distance to the water but it is there.  :-)  Notice the A/C on the right side of the building, lol?  Barns can be very hot but this has a loft upstairs with blowers in all four corners.  We were just there for a work function a couple of weeks ago and purposely went upstairs to see how comfortable it was.  I walked the whole loft and it was comfortable all the way through.


The Venue photo 2

Inside of our venue.  The doors straight ahead are where everybody enters.  The middle is the dance floor and this view is from behind the head table.  Our colors will be different....chocolate brown, orange and burgundy.  The loft upstairs goes the full lenght so no matter where anybody is seated up there, they will all be able to see what is happening below.  This was very important to me as I have been to weddings where people have been seated in various rooms and the head table wasn't in view.  More than likely people will only be up there for dinner and then down below for dancing the rest of the night away!!  :-)

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Your venue is STUNNING!!!

Cool venue! Barn weddings are awesome!

I love barn weddings- it will be awesome!

what an awesome venue!! i love the finger lakes area of NY.  it's going to be such a beautiful place for your wedding!!