Jul 04, 2009



Our invitations were a big hit, but SO tedious to make mainly because of attatching the crystal buttons to the ribbon. We accordian-folded the ribbon, gripped the button in the middle of the folds and secured the buttons using a needle and matching pink thread. We hot-glued the ribbons (just a dot under the buttons) to the center of the invite to keep it from sagging. The best way we found to attatch the ribbon to the back of the invitation-mat was to just use transparent Scotch tape. This also made any mistakes easily correctable. We attatched the rest of the mats using double-sided ribbon adhesive. I would have used more adhesive on the envelope liners (maybe a spray glue?) because they would pull apart when we opened the envelopes. Just a tip. ;)


I would also reccomend making a scale drawing using graph-paper and a ruler if you're doing several layers just so you know what sizes you want to order. Doing that gave me an idea of what size ribbon to order, how much paper to order, and that our buttons would be proportionate to our final product.

We used Envelopments Z-folds and would reccomend them to anyone! We orded through, paid rush shipping and it was there within 48 hours. SO awesome!

Our Inspiration:

Invitations photo 1

Our not-to-scale Photo-shop mock-up:

Invitations photo 2

What we ordered:

  • 5x7 landscape Signature Z-fold in the Graphite Plume pattern
  • 5x7 envelopes in metallic graphite
  • 5x7 envelope liners in metallic rubelite (hot pink)
  • 3 layer invitation mat
    • 5x7 metallic cardstock in Caspian
    • 5x7 cardstock in the Aquamarine Regalia pattern
    • 5x7 linen cardstock in white
  • RSVP
    • 3.5x5 white linen cardstock RSVP
    • 3.5x5 white linen cardstock Map
    • 3.5x5 metallic cardstock backing in Caspian
    • 4x7 envelopes in Caspian
    • 2x17 vellum bellyband in Plume pattern
  • 2x17 vellum bellyband in Plume pattern
  • Taped cardstock seals in white linen

Jeweled buttons were 1 1/8" in diameter and $1.50 each from SO gorgeous! Top quality.

Font was Ambassador Script Font Family (13 fonts) $50 from

The Final product:


Invitations photo 3

Invitations photo 4Invitations photo 5


Invitations photo 6Invitations photo 7

Invitations photo 8Invitations photo 9


Final thoughts:

At the time I was THRILLED with the final product and really felt like our invites set the stage for the feeling of our wedding. I now feel like I could have done something equally beautiful using just one 5x7 Cardstock with the layers instead of the z-fold and saved a LOT of money that could have been used elsewhere. My only invite regret. ;)

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These are gorgeous!!!

good job!

WOW Loved your DIY! such valuable advice!