Aug 20, 2011





Sure we talked about getting married after 6 months of dating. We knew we have the potential to be great together but talking about it and doing it is definitely not the same. On a random day after our normal nightly conversation from two different States I casually said to him:  "you know if you are going to marry me, our parents have to meet if not my parents won't allow it." To that he replied just as casually: "do both of them have to be there?"

He had good reasons to ask that since both of his parents are living in Colombia and have never visit the States together. They usually take turn visiting. It was such a big deal so I never would have thought that in the next month after that he called me and said that both of his parents are coming and to tell my parents and arrange a meeting. Imagine my reaction then :O

I remember half mumbling nervously to my parents about his parents wanted to meet them and was relief that my parents didn't question much. I remember being so nervous that morning as I helped my mom cook all the food to be served later that day. Although we didn't speak the same language, his parents was more than I can hope for as future parents in law. His family was so pleasant and easy going and I felt instant bond with them. Our first meeting couldn't be better. I took his whole family to Niagara Falls to tour before dinner. I remember it was a lot fun and we took a lot of pictures..

At one point I was looking out at the falls when I heard his parents (speaking in Spanish) was hushing and pushing him to do something... as I turned around.. there he was sheepishly smiling at me while his family looked on also smiling.. He turned to me and open up a box.. there lay my E-ring beautiful and sparkling in the sun.. I immediately turned red because everyone (tourists) around me stopped and look at us.. (he would have getting on his knee, but he haven't recovered yet from a seri ous knee surgery) He ask me to marry him right then and there in front of his family and all of the strangers that day.. I was just so emotional and almost cried, but I held my composure and said YES!. People were clapping around us.. and his parents were chanting.. "kissing" in Spanish.. of course we seal the deal with a kiss.. I just couldn't stop looking at the ring and I couldn't stop thinking of how it couldn't be more perfect. Niagara Falls now is such a romantic place for us.. our first date.. and our engagement... I felt so lucky that his family (esp. both of his parents together at the same time which never had happened before)..were all there to share that day with us too..

I should conclude that both families got a long effortlessly though there were so much translations in between. With us being the translators *wink* things can't really go wrong now can they =)


Here are our rings we have chosen: (Pro pictures)


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Love both your rings and his! Really original!

Awwww....that is so sweet! I can almost picture his parents encouraging him to do it and all of the tourists clapping  :-)