Jun 12, 2010

I am a long-time PW bride turned Community Coordinator. I <3 PW!

Cake Inspirations

At first I wanted to do a 2 tier cake and a bunch of cupcakes.  Now I think we'll probably stick with the 2 tier, traditional looking cake, but have it on a dessert table with a variety of homestyle cakes/pies/cheesecakes instead.  This is the basic idea I'm going for, just with more of it:

Cake Inspirations photo 1

Photo from OnceWed, photographer: Martha Manning

I posted a bunch of cake inspirations below, but now I think I'm going to go with a really simple white 2-tier cake and I DIY'd a cake topper out of clay. (I still plan to add a veil to the bride birdie's head.)  Here it is:

Cake Inspirations photo 2Cake Inspirations photo 3

It was inspired by this:

Cake Inspirations photo 4Cake Inspirations photo 5

Photos from Red Light Studio on

Some more dessert table inspirations:

Cake Inspirations photo 6 Cake Inspirations photo 7

Source:  unknown                                                Source:  lillyella

Cake Inspirations photo 8 Cake Inspirations photo 9

Source:  unknown                                               Source:  unknown

Cake Inspirations photo 10Source:


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Your bird topper is super cute--love it!

Love coconut cake and chocolate. That's why I love german chocolate (shreded coconut, chocolate and pecans) and also love the birds cake topper.

I LOVE those birdie cake toppers! They are so stinkin cute!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cake topper!  I voted for you! Hehe.