Jul 03, 2009


Bridesmaid Gifts

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For the bridesmaids I purchased them each a bracelet and matching earrings.  I did two girls in the

aqua color and two girls in the brown color.  I then decided to make them matching drop necklaces, I made them for about $7 each from purchasing everything on  I attached the necklaces to little cards I made that have a cute saying and say made with love by Lynette.  I finished the gift off with aqua flip flops from old navy and a cute satin bag instead of a traditional gift bag.  The girls loved them and can wear the jewelry again.

For instructins on the necklaces go to:

Bridesmaid Gifts photo 1 Bridesmaid Gifts photo 2

Bridesmaid Gifts photo 3

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Great idea for the bridesmaids gift.  You did an amazing job with the cards you placed the necklaces on.  The necklaces with the cards look store bought!