Aug 01, 2009


What was to be our intro video

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DH came up with a hilarious story line about us to go along with Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky" for our wedding and I instantly knew that I wanted it to be used as our introduction into the reception.  I wanted that dramatic flash at the end of the video and then that would be when the DJ/MC would announce us as we walked in.  This idea of DH was towards the very beginning of our engagement.  We were too busy in between and then 2 months before our wedding day, DH said, "babe, I don't think I can do this video.. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it."  I told him that he MUST do it because he got me all excited about it. lol.  We ended up changing the song to Hellogoodbye's "Here in Your Arms" and he wanted to do it kind of in a stop animation style (I stress on the words "kind of"). During the last month before our wedding, he worked on this diligently (with my prodding) and I'm so proud of him! We ended up changing the story line too. Unfortunately, it was too bright in our venue for the video to be played as our intro video so we just played it later on when it was a bit darker.  Most of our guests still couldn't see it though :( Btw, it's meant to be kind of cheesy ;)

Here's the link:

password is: bubba

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This video was so amazing and so personal! :D 

too cute!!

What a great video. It really shows how much fun you two have together. I  saw this video with FI and it reminded us of our journeys but with a smaller frogYour wedding looked so beautiful. Looking forward to the pro pics. Congratulations...btw, was the frog at your wedding?

I do love's so creative and personalized.  You can tell that he put a lot of effort and LOVE in to making it =)