Sep 27, 2008


The Proposal:

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We went to NYC the weekend before Christmas to visit family and friends. On our second night in town, we were meeting friends for dinner. FI decided he wanted to take pictures of the holiday lights in Columbus Circle before dinner. Keep in mind that it’s December in NY-freezing cold and I was in a boot cast for a broken foot!! So FI drags me out of the warm hotel kicking and screaming to take pictures. As we are walking (me hobbling in a dress) across the street, gale force winds are hitting us from all directions. I was about to abandon ship and get back to the hotel, FI literally dragged me into the park.

We take a few pictures in front of the Time Warner and as I am about to run (hobble fast) back to the hotel, FI told me to wait because he had a gift for me. He pulls out the ring and asked me to marry him. We were literally alone in the park. Believe it or not! Of all places in Manhattan, there was not a single sole except for us. It was as if time stood still. It was the best moment ever. And it gets better.

We walk back to the hotel (more like float back) to meet our friends. As we enter the hotel bar, I see that several of our good friends from NY and LA were waiting for us with champagne to celebrate. I was completely surprised! They all knew and were waiting for us. It was the best night.

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