May 01, 2010


Our Story

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Her Version

We met on May 28, 2006.  He was in town celebrating his brother's birthday.  Crystal talked me into meeting her out.  We were at Baker's street in Oklahoma City.  We had an akward introduction, but then spent the rest of the night with each other.  We talked non stop (ok, maybe I talked more and Wayne listened) I just enjoyed being around him, he was easy to talk to and he made me laugh.  The only problem was Wayne lived in St Louis and I lived in Oklahoma City.  We parted ways, and did not exchange phone numbers  I tried to be rational and forget about the evening, but I could not quit thinking about him.  Two days later, I went out for drinks with his brother and Crystal.  After a couple of drinks, I got his phone number from his brother, called him on my way home.  A couple of more days later, I talked him into coming back to Oklahoma City, I think he ended up driving 8 hours to spend less than 24 hours with me.  We have been inseperable since then.  I used to say I was smitten with him, but I knew instantly he was the one for me.

His Version

You have the gist of the story from reading above.  When I first saw Wendy, I was standing at Baker Street about to take a sip of my beverage. I was caught dead in my tracks as she walked right past me, not even giving me a second look.  I immediatly turned to my sister and said "I think I'm in love!!!"  As I watched her walk away, without even noticing me, I saw that she walked right up to Nate and Crystal and start talking to them.  My first thought was "I'm in!"  After our first awkward introduction, as Wendy said, the rest of the night went extremely well, just the typical stuff, fending off ex-boyfriends and things of that nature.  I was upset about not exchanging phone numbers with her, however a few days later I got the phone call from her, I think she was hoping that she could just leave a message.  We spent the next few days in constant contact and as it turns out we will be spending the rest of our lives with each other. 

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what a sweet story!  I love that Wayne put his version in there too!  All the best to you both and happy planning!  :)