Mar 20, 2010


Bridal Party Attire

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So far we have chosen the dress for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and FH!

This dress is second option after finding out the first dress was a big NO-NO!  It's a Bari Jay that will be in Mink(chocolate).

Bridal Party Attire photo 1


This tuxedo will be for My FH but his vest and tie will be a champagne color and the groomsmen will wear one very similar with the chocolate vests and ties.

Bridal Party Attire photo 2


 Here is the Mother of the Bride dress which is filled graciously by my aunt Christa.  I love her more than words can say and I thank her for being the "Mom" in my life all these years.

Bridal Party Attire photo 3We got this dress but in Brown and Gold.

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gorgeous dresses!

very romantic BM dresses.  beautiful!

I just ADORE the Bari Jay dresses that your girls will be wearing. I was hoping mine would pick one of those- but unfortunately it didn't work out like that. I will live vicariously through you instead :)