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.who are the bride and groom.

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.the bride.

Hails from Northeastern PA. The youngest of two, the first to marry.  Call her the marriage guinea pig. A Penn State Grad (go State schools!!), moved to Vegas on a whim in 2003. It obviously is working out well for her.  Jennifer is employed by General Growth Properties- she works at Fashion Show on The Strip.  Daytime hours are spent helping to plan events, decorating the mall with advertising and channeling her inner fashionista, helping with the live runway shows each weekend!  Evenings are spent cleaning, dreaming and writing.  She currently edits and writes a column for Las Vegas Bride magazine, entitled, "The Nearlywed Report" and several blogs, including her own,  The Nearlyweds.

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.the groom.

Hails from the Seattle area. The youngest of three and the last to marry. It took him a while, but it was well worth the wait! A Washington State grad (go State schools!) Moved to Vegas in 2004 for his current job. It is working out well for him too! Tedd is currently employed by KLAS-TV, the local CBS news station where he is the weekend weather anchor and week day reporter. Tedd is often stopped and asked "What's the weather going to be?" while out and about town. This is admirable that most people know him as the "weather guy" and he reports the weather to us usually just two days a week!  His summers are spent covering monsoons and jacking up the A/C while winters are spent on the mountains, Tedd is an avid and skilled snowboarder.


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i too live in LV, ill have to watch the news on the weekends to see if i spot him!:)


FI grew up in NEPA (Dallas... Back Mt Area), I only lived there for three years. I love meeting people who grew up there :)