May 28, 2021

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ღAbout the Love of my lifeღ


We had already known each other for years and always knew we would get together.  I can't even tell you how our romance started.  It all just flowed together so naturally.  We met, he made a pass at me and I shyed away.  One day while talking to him he had to leave.  This strange feeling came over me when he walked away.  I then realized that I never wanted him to walk away from me again, so I told him how I felt;even when I didn't realize it.  His reply was simply, "It was always you......you knew that."  After we officially made it official, one night we were out enjoying the summer's night air, and he asked me if I loved his mother.  I've known her since I was a child so of course I said yes.  His next question was, "Well wouldn't it make sense for my mom to be your mom too?"  I said yes.  I actually found myself in a jeweler's men's section looking for a wedding band.  Yes, I ASKED HIM.  He found that very endearing that a woman would give up a chance to show off her hand in order to just have the man of her dreams.  We tied the knot on May 28, 2009 early one morning at a park near our home.  This man is the epitome of a Good Man.  I could never begin to tell anyone of this man's untold kindness, patience, and playful disposition.  He is a true romantic.  When I say he gives me flowers, he gives me so many that I end up giving some away to family members.  He stayed up in Paris with me when I was sick.  From midnight romantic dinners, to waking me early to see the sunrise from the best point in the city, Dan is a beautiful person.  I literally get lost in him.  After we kiss, I have to regain my grip on reality.  Looking into his eyes is is like seeing the water off the shore of paradise.  He is my blessing from God, and I thank him everyday for this man.  He completes me.  I love him because he is everything I am not, but everything that I know in my heart is true and righteous and that is what I need to be.

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What an amazing story.

What an amazing story! Go you for taking control and asking him, that's awesome!

wow....... you really love him girl..  this story is made to be in books so that everyone could enjoy...absolutely amazing.. Hope your having a wonderful Friday

Oh my God! I held my throat in suspense as to what would I read next and it just built and built! This is an amazing love story and I can feel the love you have for this man just by reading the story. It was very touching. Thank you so much for sharing your love story!