May 08, 2010


Centerpiece ideas...

So my plan is to buy cylinder vases and do the submerged flowers thing.  I want a light source on the bottom...  I'll use Red Orchids.
Centerpiece ideas photo 1 
 Centerpiece ideas photo 2

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Wow - I just was looking at your bio for the first time, and your color picks are striking! I love the ideas you have :) Good luck with all your planning - looks like it will be beautiful!


I love your wedding ideas...I love this fall rustic harvest theme looks great....I recently went to my ex-bosses wedding he too had a fall wedding and they bought a bunch of harvest pumpkins (after halloween) in different sizes and colors and used it on the floor, tables, with candles like you have picutred and small accents of flowers it truly looked romantic and beautitful nothing like I had seen. Just thought I share. Congrats and Good Luck!