Oct 03, 2009


For Sale


For Sale photo 1

120" white polyester tablecloth - 15  available $9 each + shipping SOLD

For Sale photo 2

85" navy blue square organza overlay 16 available $3.50 each + shipping

For Sale photo 3

White satin folding chair covers - 90 available $1.50 each + shipping SOLD

For Sale photo 4

navy blue organza chair sashes - 90 (may have 110 but will check)$0.50 each + shipping

For Sale photo 5

17 (but may have more) Pew Bows - These are navy blue then white with a cream flower (that can be taken off) and also include the clear plastic hook - $5 each or $75 for the lot + shipping

For Sale photo 6For Sale photo 7

25 Tears of Joy packets. They are the size of a pack of gum and each have 3 tissues in them, the ribbon could be easily changed. $2 each or $40 for the lot + shipping

For Sale photo 8

30 packs of Kleenex - $15 for lot + shipping SOLD

For Sale photo 9

20 spools of 28 gauge craft wire (24 yds per spool)  - $1.75 each + shipping

For Sale photo 10

J and B keychains (1 1/2 inches tall) Free with a purchase or $1 each (free shipping)

For Sale photo 11For Sale photo 12

10 table number holders, I may have more so if interested in more ask (6 inches high) - $1.50 each + shipping SOLD

For Sale photo 13For Sale photo 14

Sashes - $3 each or $5 for both - free shipping! BACHELORETTE SOLD

For Sale photo 15

The Knot Wedding Planner - I only wrote in a few pages so its practically new!!  $7 + shipping

For Sale photo 16

Invisible Ink spy pen!  I only used it to write numbers on 60 RSVP cards so lots of life left! - $5 free shipping

For Sale photo 17

Bride and groom champagne glass decorations, never used!  Free with purchase or $1

For Sale photo 18

1 pack (2 in pack) of Brides reserved seat signs (the one on top is just for show) $2 free shipping (I may have another pack but will have to look)

For Sale photo 19For Sale photo 20

12 glass vases, 5 inches across and 12 inches tall.  These are high quality vases!  I can ship them and they will ship all in individual boxes in 2 larger boxes so you don't have to worry about breaking. - $100 + shipping SOLD

For Sale photo 21For Sale photo 22

Brides black and white invite kit,  I used only a few out of the box so there is enough to make 25 complete invites with a few extra pieces. $10 + shipping SOLD

1 pack of print your own votive wraps (sorry no pic) 40 in the pack - $2 free shipping SOLD

I think that is it but check back I may find more stuff...

Payment is via Paypal or check, I will ship once I have payment.

Let me know if you are interested in more than one item I can work with you on a price!

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Do you still have the craft wire?  If so, please let me know.  I know it's not listed, but if you still have the crystal beads, I'd be interested in them as well.  My e-mail address is  Not quite sure how to PM on here.

I would like to buy 2 navy 85 in. overlays and 2 pew bow markers if they are available. You can email me at Thanks.

I'm interested in the table overlays and the sashes. Let me know how to get in touch with you. You can email me at




here are a few from my photographer.  All of the overlays and sashes and materials to make the pew bows were bought from the same place so they are the same color navy.