May 28, 2021

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ღBreaking the rules to find my destinyღ

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I have to take the time to tell you the extended-yet-abridged story of us.  When we moved to the city that my mother lives in today, I was probably about 3.  We came here to help my grandmother who had just become paralyzed.  She liked to go to this one particular market & met this beautiful lady named Janet.  My grandma loved her so much that she introduced my mother to her in hopes that they would become friends.  They did of course, and always talked about their children to each other.  Soon after I met her and thought she was just amazing.  She had always talked about her sons though I myself had never met them.  Years passed, and I made her cards, bought her holiday gifts, and just started calling her mom.  Soon my mother and Janet started to talk about how I was different from the rest of the kids in our area and that she secretly wanted me to meet her oldest son.  She felt that I was sparkly enough to let him see the fun things in this world.  However, there was an age difference, so my mother said that was a sweet idea, but not right now.  They both decided that if we were meant to meet one day that we would, but without them pushing us.  When I turned 19 I started working at the same market with "Mom".  I met a very interesting person that also worked there.  This one man in particular that was in his twenties had for some reason taken quite a bit of interest in me.  I'm usually very standoffish, but deep down I was always extremely flattered by this man.  If he said something, I always felt the need to challenge it.  I think the whole time he saw right through me because no matter what he was always there.  He would be outside waiting for me to leave on the days that I didn't have the car.  Somehow I would end up with flowers in the main office every week.  We even used to play phone tag when I was working a cash register.  One day in particular when I went in to start my shift "mom" was there.  Then the same guy walks up and had the nerve to intercept the hug I was giving her and managed to sneak one in with her.  I just stood there while they hugged and was somewhat upset.  I had called this woman mom for nearly two decades;how dare he just be rude and grab her like that.  I said to her with an angry voice, "Get off of my mom, you!"  He gave me that sly smile as always and said, "She's MY mom".  I never actually felt the color actually leave my face until that moment.  "This is my son Daniel".  At that point he decided to turn up the heat.  I was a bit scared and nervous.  I had a rule about ages, and after we started to hang out outside of work, I found out he was a smoker.  Today while I was in the truck with my husband, he said to me, "Thank you for being so understanding."  I wasn't sure what he meant;I had hopped out to grab him a Pepsi and myself a green tea.  So after asking what he meant, I decided to write this entry.  "Thank you for being so undertanding about me.  You broke your rules for me.  I just wanted to be worth it for you."  Oh and by the way ladies.....even to this day, after all this time, including the time before we started dating, I still get flowers once a week (:

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that is such a beautiful and meaningful story. 

I know what it means for a woman like You to break her rules. He must be just as special and worthy of You. How wonderful that in this world there are still people finding their soulmates.


this was a beautiful story...


tahnk you fearce.....thats why i want to take my time with it .....but right now i got to think about my son....

What a great story!!