May 23, 2010


:: pure SWEETNESS ::

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Bridal bouquet inspiration..                        Made by our {amazing} family friend- roses, hydrangeas &                                                              fringed tulips, will be hand-tied w/ my dress' sash.

pure SWEETNESS photo 1  pure SWEETNESS photo 2

BM bouquet inspiration.. Malibu (color) roses w/ hydrangeas mixed in, hand-tied w/ brown ribbon.

pure SWEETNESS photo 3 pure SWEETNESS photo 4

Centerpiece inspiration, but w/ pink flowers

  pure SWEETNESS photo 5 pure SWEETNESS photo 6

Birdbath w/ mints @ the guest book table. Vase for Bridal bouqet at our sweetheart table 

pure SWEETNESS photo 7 pure SWEETNESS photo 8  

For our ring barer and flower girl: DIY!

                pure SWEETNESS photo 9 pure SWEETNESS photo 10 


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I love the birdbath idea for the mints.  That is such a cute idea.

LOVE your flower choices!!! :) 

Oh and the "moss" pillow!?  ADORABLE!