May 28, 2021

Zachia Fearce Rumford , the one and only {{{Wedding Remix Bride™}}} Sometimes I aim to please but mostly I just shoot to kill. I'm not a one in a million girl; I'm a once in a lifetime woman.

ღMy bling is called Garden on the Moon!ღ


It somehow slipped my mind that I did not post photos of the rings.  It's funny cause I still to this day shove it in the face of anyone that will look.  It used to drive my habibi nuts, but now he sees it as I am in love with what he gave me.  Everyone for some reason or another always want to know why the bands don't match.  My favorite flowers are Calla Lilies.  I also happen to love the stars.  I know you guys like us have those cute couple moments when you say I love you more than all the fish in the sea.  Well habibi loves me so much that I am the only woman on the planet with a garden on the moon, filled with my Picasso Lilies.  The white band, which is my Anniversary Ring(we were married on our one year anniversary) represents the moon;while my Wedding Ring is the garden with the flowers.  Things like that get my Brother-In-Law in the hot seat;his girlfriend is trying to mimic me & my ring among other things.  Any of you ladies have that issue?  Well anyway Hope you ladies love the ring like I do!


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Ohhh helllo precious!
pretty rings!


Love your ring!