Aug 22, 2009


Bridesmaid gifts for under $20

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With 7 girls, I had to be on a budget.  In addition to getting them manis/pedis, I copied the age old idea of putting items in a tote bag.  However, I tried to make it more meaningful by organizing those items into theme surrounding the wedding day.  I also had to take into account that half of them had to fly, so I wanted to make sure they had room in their luggage and TSA wouldn't get mad at them.

So I bought different colored tote bags from for $5.  I wanted to give each girl a color that they would like, and my personal feeling is that I don't like carrying around a bag with my name or someone else's monogram, so I left it plain.  I made little luggage tags simply with shapes in Word and traced/cut them out onto construction paper.  Then I gave each girl 3 bags labeled "Before" "During" and "After"(all labels also made in Word and I just glued it on).  Inside the bags contained items they could use Before the wedding, During the wedding, and After the wedding.

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1 bottle of water
2 snack packs

total = $1.50
reasoning: made sure they have something to eat before the wedding

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gel foot pads
oil blotting tissues
lip balm

total = $6.50
reasoning: heels are not comfortable, lip balm and oil blotting are for touch ups, tissues in case they cry, and gum for those impressionable moments

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make up remover
nail polish remover
hand lotion
foot lotion
travel slippers
bar of daisy soap

total = $6
reasoning: at the end of the night after getting sweaty from all the dancing, you just want to clean up and feel good before getting into bed.

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I have to highly recommend, the 99 cent section in Target, and Daiso, a Japanese discount store.  That's primarily the reason why I was able to give as much as I could for $19/bridesmaid.  My bridesmaids are obviously worth more than that, so I also paid for their manis/pedis and a lunch.  I just tried to be as practical and wallet-friendly as possible.



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Hi! Just wanted to say, I was browsing the net for ideas on colors....and happened upon your page of your bridesmaids gift bags! Love the idea! :) So awesome! :)