Jun 24, 2013

Welcome! We wanted our wedding simple, elegant and classic. Everything has been chosen with care and love and we hoped to create a day to remember without distracting from the most important thing: getting finally married to each other. We wanted an overall-look that after 50 years would have been just as timeless and beautiful to look at as today

let them bloom

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I love love love flowers,

but the ones I most love are freesias, lilacs and orchids.

lately i have fallen in love with baby breath , I think it is such a gorgeous un expensive alternative for decorations in general


                            I think we will put a garland of babybreath over the entrance door of our home 

and here is my bouquet




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love baby breaths!!!! Will use them for my table deco as well!

I love all the baby breaths! It is so soft!

I love babys breath!~!~

I adore all of your floral ideas.  They are going to be perfection just like you!!!